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Stratics Networks’ High-Volume SMS

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We are proud to introduce our newest product. Stratics Networks has integrated high-volume SMS messaging into our platform and is now available for use throughout the Stratics community. What makes our SMS different than the competitors? Price, Capacity and Compliance! Otherwise known as The S-PCC advantage. Stratics Networks SMS messaging allows you to use one of our various shared short codes or we are happy to give you a dedicated short code. This SMS messaging through Stratics Networks is designed for high-volume users. Do you have the need to send out 5000 simultaneous SMS messages every 10 seconds? Then you’re going to want to try Stratics Networks SMS Messaging Solution. Our prices are the lowest in the industry and our quality is unmatched. Please contact us today to try the Stratics Networks SMS Message Solution.

Contact Us To Learn More About the Stratics Networks SMS Message Solution

Stratics Networks is Going To LeadsCon Las Vegas!

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So for the third year in a row, Stratics Networks will be attending Leadscon in Las Vegas. We always enjoy getting out and seeing all of our existing clients out in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas and welcoming many more awesome people to the Stratics Networks community. Our entire executive team makes the trek to Nevada on March 20th and we will be there until March 22. We have set up an easy appointment scheduler below. If you happen to be in town, we would love to sit down and hear more about your business and how Stratics Networks’ products can help your company grow.

This year Stratics Networks will be exhibiting our famous Ringless Voicemail Drops product which we invented and brought to market many years ago. In keeping with tradition to the show, Stratics Networks will be unveiling a brand-new cutting-edge product as well. Please use this link below to schedule a meeting with our team, anytime between March 20 and the 22nd, or come by our booth on the Leadscon floor.

Set Up A Meeting With Stratics Networks March 20th-22nd in Las Vegas here.
Learn More About attending The LeadsCon Las Vegas Show here.

Features Showdown

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A client recently asked us to compare Stratics Networks’ Ringless Voicemail Drops to the competitors. Our team took this challenge and made a feature showdown looking at the top 3 competitors and comparing their software to ours.

It was not really a fair fight of course, I mean we invented RVM Drops and even own the Name Ringless Voicemail Drops.

Our engineers work tirelessly every day introducing new cool features for our community to use.

Stratics Networks Ringless Voicemail Drops has changed B2C communication and for the better!

Please take a moment and check out our RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE and see why Stratics networks win this RVM Showdown.

See Full Comparison Here

Debt Collection and FDCPA Compliance – What About Ringless Voicemail Messages?

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With the introduction of Ringless Voicemail Drops by Stratics Networks, there has been some discussion lately in the debt collection industry about what constitutes a “communication” between the debt collection company and the consumer when it comes to leaving a voicemail. A lot of the discussion stems from the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). It is important to note that the FDCPA defines “communication” as “the conveying of information regarding a debt directly or indirectly to any person through any medium.”

In the past the FDCPA posed a real challenge to debt collectors because there was a conflict between what the debt collector is disallowed from doing and what they are required to do.

Stratics Networks’ introduction of Ringless Voicemail Drops for the Collections Solutions & Debt Collection industry has come with an enormous amount of legal research and legal backing.

Ringless Voicemail Drops and the practice of inserting a voicemail on a phone has proven to be in FULL compliance with the FDCPA.

Courts rule that Voicemails are “NOT communication as it is defined by the FDCPA” – U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

This Voicemail Solution now has court backing in two separate court rulings including a sixth circuit court appeal. There are now court tested ways to leave voicemail messages and FULLY comply with the requirements mentioned above.

To learn more visit Stratics Networks Ringless Voicemail Drops Collection Solution Page and download out FDCPA Ringless Voicemail Drops Legal Paper.

Election Hours: We’ve Increased Support Hours to Serve You Better!

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Ask a member of the Stratics Networks community and they will tell you, we have the best support team in the industry.


  • 2 minute average response time for a ticket.
  • 3 minute average resolution time.
  • 100% of support calls answered by a live human within 6 rings.
  • Live support 7 days a week until 11PM.

With that said, election season is super busy and taxing on our clients. We want you to know we have your back!

We are Extending Support Hours and Increasing Our Support Specialists:

From Friday, October 28th – November 4th, we have support agents standing by from 9AM-12AM (EST) and we have support agents available around the clock for ticket support.

On November 5th, 6th and 7th, we will be here literately ALL NIGHT LONG.

Extended Election Support Hours:

Friday October 28th – November 4th 9AM – 12AM (EST)
November 5th-8th 9AM – ANYTIME (we won’t close)
(Support Hours will Return to Normal on November 9th)

To Contact Us:

Call: 1.866.635.6918
Email: suport@straticsnetworks.com

Massive Election Capacity with 120,000 Ports!

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Stratics Networks has 120,000 Ports. YES, that’s correct, 120,000!!!

Stratics Networks had a simple idea many years ago: to get 50,000 lines of capacity running for our clients and keep it running. For those of you who don’t know, when we say lines, we mean a phone port capable of carrying 1 single call at a time. 50,000 ports would mean we can make 50,000 calls at a time.

When we hit this goal back in 2013, we started to move to our new goal of 80,000 ports. When we finally hit the 80,000 port mark in 2015, we realized we blew passed the record of the largest IVR network in North America (an estimated 3X larger than Twilio).

How did we do it?

Stratics has been continuously adding new products to our network to share these ports and it doesn’t hurt that our clients are loyal as hell to our products. We invented Ringless Voicemail Drops and PrecisePoll IVR. We also do a lot of Voice Broadcasting, Political Voice Broadcasting and an enormous amount of IVR surveys and polling traffic.

Stratics also has very robust enterprise level Hosted Call Center Software with literately thousands of seats deployed around the world. The general secret on how we maintain the largest IVR network in North America is… any traffic we don’t use ourselves we wholesale to other call centers and other IVR providers and phone companies.

It’s funny, even if you don’t use Stratics Networks, the odds are you are using us indirectly if you are using some type of outbound messaging platform.

That brings us to our newest record: 120,000 Ports!!!

We just brought on 40,000 extra ports to support all of our clients during the presidential election. When other companies out there are forced to turn away firms, due to lack of capacity, Stratics is here in a big way to bring them home.

Check out some of our other political services here.

Can You Say Computerless Call Center?

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Introducing the Volunteer Cloud Dialer for campaigns. Mobilize voters with Stratics’ Volunteer Cloud Calling: no computer, no headset and no desk phone needed. Volunteers can use their own cell phone and simply dial into a toll free number. From there our powerful predictive dialer does the heavy lifting and connects them with one voter after another. Then using the phone’s key pad they can key in the answer the voter gives.

Contact us today for more information and visit our Political Services Page for other cool campaign tools.

Cool Political Services by Stratics Networks

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The only IVR platform on earth where you can run Advanced Surveys, Polls, send Ringless Voicemail DropsTM, deliver Voice Broadcasts and utilize Live Transfers.

Stratics Networks has always been highly involved in the political sector. As a matter of fact, that’s how our software got it’s start. The company is not recognizable from those early days but our passion for the electoral process and the art of campaigning is still strongly represented in our awesome voter contact tools.

Stratics Networks has disrupted the polling space with our breakthrough IVR Polling Platform, PrecisePoll. We also still hold the record for largest outbound network in the US for IVR with 80,000 lines of capacity to use with our Voice Broadcasting, and other outbound services.

Ringless Voicemail Drops is the first technology of its kind that allows you to communicate with voters directly by placing a voicemail directly into a voter’s cell phone and let’s not forget about our Volunteer Cloud Dialer.

Take a moment and visit our Political Services Page and see all the cool tools we have that are designed to bridge the gap between voter and politician.

An Exciting New Feature is Coming!

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We are excited to announce a new product that has been requested throughout the Stratics community.

RVM On-Demand! This allows a single Ringless Voicemail Drop to be delivered through our API automatically based on a custom trigger. Many people only want to send 1 single targeted Ringless Voicemail Drop On-Demand to follow up automatically. Rather than uploading a list to send RVM messages to several people at one time.

Example 1:

If someone signs up for a product on your website, an RVM On-Demand can automatically follow up with them by placing a message in their voicemail box or an RVM On-Demand can follow up with clients through your CRM if no contact has been made in a week.

Example 2:

You can use RVM On-Demand to remind a past due account to make a payment based on when the invoice was sent out.

There are endless uses for this exciting new feature and we are very excited to be the first company in the world to offer it.

Release Date:

Thursday September 8th

How to get it:

Contact us

New Features, More Staff and New Offices!

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As Dylan, so eloquently put it times they are a-changin’. Times really are changing at Stratics Networks, changing for the better.

In the past years we have invented Ringless Voicemail Drops, PrecisePoll IVR Polling & Surveys, we have re-invented voicemail detection, introduced an awesome App and have grown our user base to over 10,000 active users along with an amazing group of wholesale partners. We have had so many memorable dinners with clients, all over the country this year. We have come to know so many of you very well and feel privileged you’re all a part of our community. Our clients really are like family.

In the past year we have welcomed 10 new employees to our team and we are currently hiring an additional 10 new team members. People are the strength of this company. Our amazing engineer team is also ripping throughout new features and products almost weekly now. THUMBS HIGH, TEAM! We are also moving into a larger office on August 15th to accommodate our growth.

This is an exciting time of growth for our firm. We look forward to serving our clients well into the future.

Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’.

Team Stratics are Swimmers!

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