The Stratics Networks Command Portal


The only hosted IVR platform on EARTH where you can design in depth CATI Surveys and Polls, send Ringless Voicemail Drops, Voice Broadcasts and do Live Transfers, all under your own brand.

All Features Contained in One Platform

Massive Capacity

Wholesale Prices with 6 Second Billing

Around the Clock Live Support

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Outbound IVR

Custom Time Out Audio: Play custom audio if a reception fails to select a response.
DTMF Key Presses: Use key presses to collect responses
Branching Surveys/Polling Option: Conduct in-depth, multi-level branching surveys
Voice Responses (“Open Ended Questions”): Allows a person to respond with voice rather than pressing a key
Question & Answer Naming: Name each possible response for quick reporting
Rotating Answers: Avoid bias and randomize the order that the answer options are played
Randomized Questions: Avoid bias and randomize the order your questions are played
A/B Testing (“Multi-Version IVRs”): Run two surveys side by side with to test response rates
Multi-Digit DTMF Our system works with multiple digit data capture; ask date of birth or assign double digit responses to a question
Wholesale Billing: 6 second increments from the time the phone is answered – NO Connect Charges

Ringless Voicemail Drops

Auto Stop Campaigns: Have campaigns automatically pause once certain thresholds are met (spending, transfers, played messages, etc)
Self Serve Portal: Manage your entire campaign online
Massive Capacity: Largest infrastructure in the US
Full Reporting: Run stats that show which drops were successful
Easy Rehash: Easily rehash any unavailable numbers to re-dial
Full Reporting Real Time, Summary, Detailed and Historical
Enhanced Reports Over 20 Downloadable Reports & Job Summaries
Do Not Call List Free Built-in National DNC
Landline/Mobile Separator Scrub Landlines, Duplicates & Malformed Data
Live Support 7 Days a Week from 9am ET – 11pm ET
Legal Endorsements Endorsed by Top Telcom Attorneys
Full White Label Your Own Logos & URL and Logins
RVM On-Demand Send Targeted Single Drops
All-In-One Platform Ringless Voicemail, IVR, Polling, Live Transfers, Voice Broadcast
Mobile App iOS & Android App
List Uploading Upload Unlimited Lists and List Sizes
Proprietary Delivery 4 RVM Delivery Methods
Full Management Detailed Management of All Campaign Aspects
Recordings Successful RVMS are Recorded for You to Listen To
Inbound IVR Filter the Best Inbound Leads
Payment Methods PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Wire Tranfers, Checks, etc
Caller ID Cycler Use Multiple Caller IDs Automatically
Free Compliance Tools Full Built-in Compliance Suite
Legal Questions Access to Top Telcom FCC Attorneys for Legal Options
Expiry Policy Drops Never Expire
No Campaign Limits Run Multiple Campaigns at Once
Time Zone Compliance Tool Maps Area Codes and Auto Stops at 9pm
Detailed Field Mapping Names, Addresses, etc.
Transparent Billing Only Pay for Successful Drops (each drop is recorded)

Voice Broadcasting

Multiple Audio Formats Supported: Upload a WAV or MP3 or use our built in recording interface
Various List Formats Supported: Upload a CSV, txt or ZIP for larger files
List Cleansing Tool: Automatic duplicate, invalid and malform number removal
Audio Check Tool: Test a campaign prior to starting with our audio check feature
Positive Answering Machine Detection: Enhanced AMD detection to either disconnect on or leave voicemail messages
Wholesale Billing 6 second increments from the time the phone is answered – NO Connect Charges
Full Controls: Set your dialing speed, schedule your event and easily rehash non answers and dial them again.

Live Transfers

Instant Transfer: Play a message and initiate an automatic transfer without interaction needed from the respondent
Press 1 Transfers: Transfer a person to a live agent or VMbox
Transfer 2 Recording: Transfer a person to an internal VMbox
Smart Throttling: Keeps your agents talking and reduces your chances of overflowing transfers
Direct Sip Transfers: Connect directly through SIP
Max Agent Transfers: Auto stops when all agents are busy
Transfer Recording Option: Record & Listen to your transfers (check local laws)
Wholesale Billing: 6 second increments from the time the phone is answered – NO Connect Charges

Live Support & Accounting

Around the clock support: Live Telephone Support, Ticket Support and E-mail Support
Live Telephone Support Hours: 7 days a week, 10:00 a.m. 12:00 a.m.
Ticket Support Hours: Open a ticket any time, 24/7
Live Campaign Concierge: A dedicated team member to help you manage your campaigns
All Payments Types Accepted: Pay with Visa Master Card, Amex, PayPal or wire transfer, 24/7
In depth Reporting: Detailed billing reports
Billing Stats: Real time billing stats and charts
Balance Alerts: Low balance warnings
Credit Terms: We offer credit terms up to $50,000
Self Help Materials Walkthrough Videos and quick start guides on all features.

100% White Label

Custom Notifications: Create custom notifications and alerts that go out to your clients direct from the platform
Caller ID Cycler: Create a caller ID pool and our system will assign your IDs automatically on every call
URL Branding: Use your own URL
Logos: Upload your own logo to display on the command platform
Private Label Reporting: All reports will automatically display your logo
Your Own Recording Line: Unbranded Recording system, Issue pins to clients to record their message
White Label Billing: Set billing amounts and billing types -per call, per minute, per transfer, increments, bill for recordings, DNC.etc.
Custom Login Page: Customizable login page
Multi-Level Sub Accounts: Allow clients to roll out white label accounts under their own brand
Free Materials, Videos and Docs: Unbranded videos, walkthrough guides and marketing materials
Share Lists: Share lists throughout your sub accounts
DNC Sharing: Sync DNC lists with your sub accounts

Full Compliance

DNC Manager: Manage your own internal Do Not Call list and DNC States
NDNCL: Full Access to our National DNC list for use as a backup
Number Portability Cell Scrubbing: Scrub out landlines that have been ported to cell phones
Opt Out Option: Dedicated opt out option that populates your internal DNC list
Time Zone Dialing Protection: All calling automatically pauses from 9:00 p.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Compliance Resources: Full compliance section online to help with recent laws and rules
Live DNC and Cell Scrubbing: Scrub DNC lists in real time
Campaign Suppression: Load a list of numbers to suppress from a campaign

Huge Capacity

Large Capacity Stratics Networks has massive capacity for dedicated use
Dedicated Capacity: Stratics Networks will give you dedicated capacity
Full Foot Print: Stratics Networks does not block routes, you can dial the entire US and Canada
Call Everywhere: Ability to call Alaska, Hawaii,Mariana Islands,American Pacific, Puerto Rico, Caribbean and the entire lower 48

Management Tools

New V 2.0 UI Updated, User Friendly UI that is more Intuitive and includes additional features.
Command Control Center Mobile App Control All Your Campaigns From Your Android & Apple Phone or Tablet!
Internal Recording Suite: Issue Pins allowing recordings to be tagged to campaigns
Smart Scheduling: Schedule campaigns to stop or start any day of the week and even schedule your lunch break
Recording Feature: Call Recording for Quality Assurance
Detailed Reporting: 10 reports and real time reporting to track performance
Emailed Reports: Our system will email you reports
Report Scheduler: Set any report to run on a schedule
Emailed Leads: Have our system email you recordings in real time
Shared Lists: Share lists throughout your sub-accounts
Low Account Balance Alerts: Receive an email when your funds are running low
Outbound Caller IDs: Manually set a fixed outbound Caller ID
API Tools: Full feature API with API support and development assistance

In Developement

Auto Stop PrecisePoll Campaigns: Have campaigns automatically pause once certain thresholds are met (spending, transfers, played messages, etc)
New HTML5 Advanced UI: Brand New HTML5 based User Interface.
SMS Messaging:
RVM to Landlines:
Phone List Data Scrubbing: Export custom scrubbed data
Campaign Performance Comparison: Automatically compare performance
Enhance Reporting: New reporting system with enhanced charts and metrics
Auto Stop Campaigns: Have campaigns automatically pause once certain thresholds are met (spending, transfers, played messages, etc)
Advanced Outbound Campaign Controls: Control how many times prompts repeat
PDF Report Generation: Download prebuilt PDF reports ready for your clients, branded with your logo
Basic Cross Tabs: Setup basic cross tabulations right from the command platform
Order Caller IDs: Order and setup Caller IDs and call back numbers directly from the command platform
Batch Pause: Pause large groups of campaigns and lists at once
Agent Pools: Throttle campaign speed based on a common agent pool