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4 Advantages of Ringless Voicemail Over Traditional Voicemail by Stratics Networks, Inventors of Ringless Voicemail

By June 17, 2019 July 4th, 2019 No Comments
4 Advantages of Ringless Voicemail Over Traditional Voicemail by Stratics Networks, Inventors of Ringless Voicemail

Some companies may shy away from using Ringless Voicemail. They think that it could put them out of compliance; that it is too cost-prohibitive; or that it simply is not effective.

However, when used properly and with the right guidelines in place, Ringless Voicemail is an affordable and highly effective way to reach out to your target demographic. What are some key advantages over traditional voicemail that Ringless Voicemail can offer you and your company? This article will discuss 4 factors that should make you consider utilizing Ringless Voicemail in your next initiative.  

Advantage #1. Ringless Voicemail by Stratics Networks Helps Avoid Frustration and Irritation

One of the biggest complaints that the FTC receives revolves around robocalls. More specifically, people frequently get irritated when a call interrupts their current activity, or they answer their phone expecting a live person on the other end, only to discover that it is a prerecorded message instead.

Whereas the traditional method of contact would often serve to increase call recipients’ frustration and anger, Ringless Voicemail bypasses the entire issue by “dropping” the message directly into the consumer’s voice mailbox. This means that the recipient can listen to the message at his or her convenience. Furthermore, since people aren’t expecting to have a conversation when they check their voicemail, there will be much less confusion or frustration that results from misunderstandings.

Advantage #2. Ringless Voicemail by Stratics Networks is Cost-Effective

Several businesses worry that Ringless Voicemail is simply out of their price range. For instance, many ringless voicemail providers charge per delivered voicemail which, depending on the desired volume of calls, could become very expensive very fast.

However, Stratics Networks Inc. offers an Unlimited Ringless Voicemail service at one flat, monthly rate. That means that you don’t have to worry about per use charges piling up until they break the bank! Furthermore, when you think about all the other advantages that Ringless Voicemail offers, it’s clear why many companies consider it a much more affordable option than more traditional systems.

Advantage #3. Ringless Voicemail Offers a Higher Connect Rate

Ringless Voicemail by Stratics Networks can boost your connect rates far beyond what traditional voicemail could ever offer. For instance, Stratics Networks’ Ringless Voicemail DropsTM boast a whopping 96% voicemail listen rate. Instead of disconnect after disconnect, you’ll get consumers that will actually take some time to listen to your message, which means that you’ll be much more likely to convert some into customers.

Furthermore, Ringless Voicemail tends to sort out those recipients that would like more information about your product or service from those who are not interested. It acts as a filter to ensure a high probability of conversion for those consumers who call your company back in response to the delivered message.

Advantage #4. Reasons why Ringless Voicemail Saves a Lot of Man-Hours

  1. Think about all the man-hours that you and your staff would have to put into a traditional delivery system. For each and every call, someone would always have to be on standby in case a recipient answers. That’s a lot of dedicated resources and a lot of wasted time!
  2. In contrast, Ringless Voicemail cuts down on the man-hours required to operate your system. Your team members can focus their time on answering callbacks and directing those prospects to the correct department or point of contact. This is a much more effective alternative to traditional message delivery.

As you can see, there are several good reasons to consider using Ringless Voicemail for your next big marketing or outreach initiative. If you’d like to learn more about how Ringless Voicemail can boost your conversion rate, save on costs, and increase revenues, reach out to us at Stratics Networks, Inc. for more information.

We’d be happy to answer your questions.

Stratics Networks, Inventors of Ringless Voicemail

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