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4 Big Benefits of Ringless Voicemail to Improve Real Estate Marketing

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4 Big Benefits of Ringless Voicemail to Improve Real Estate Marketing

As a real estate agent, you know that getting buyer/seller leads is more complicated than nearly any other industry. Connecting with ready sellers and eager buyers requires more delicacy, targeting and luck than selling a toaster or resort vacations. Your lead pool is potentially vast: anyone who has searched for homes recently or has a home that may be ripe for selling. But the real number of people who are actually ready to buy or sell with the help of an agent is incredibly small in comparison. You’ll only know for sure by making that call.

This is why Stratics Networks’ Ringless Voicemail is so overwhelmingly useful for a real estate agent and broker marketing. Reaching out to leads personally one at a time to talk or leave messages can take days, weeks or even months. But leaving a friendly message directly in voicemail boxes in large efficient batches is a quick and polite way to offer hundreds of potential real clients the chance to connect with you about their buying or selling goals. Stratics Networks is sharing the 4 biggest benefits of Stratics Networks’ Ringless Voicemail to real estate marketing:

1. Give Every Lead Your Best Pitch Performance

The first thing you’ll notice about the Ringless Voicemail is that you’re only crafting one perfect pitch. Traditionally, you put together a quick voicemail script and do your best to say it the same cheerful way three hundred times. After the 4th or 5th time, your voice starts to get tired and you begin to sound robotic. By the 20th voicemail, you know at least a few messages have been less than your best.

With Stratics Networks’ Ringless Voicemail, you can perfect your pitch and give each and every lead a clear recording of your best performance. Bring all the cheer, enthusiasm, and genuine interest in helping your leads into a single perfect recording of your pitch and hit send. This way, you never have to worry about coughing, flubbing, or robotic repetition ever again, and neither do your leads.

2. Cover Regions of Potential Leads Quickly

Contacting every FSBO, early Zillow lister and a potential buyer in your region could take days of cold calls, and many of them will never respond. Leaving a quick voicemail to reach out to potential clients is a great way to test the waters but casting a regional net is incredibly time-consuming. Ringless Voicemail is a great answer to this problem.

Stratics Networks’ Ringless Voicemail, drops your message instantly into the recipient’s voicemail box in seconds, not hours. This way, you can cover your entire region or cluster of regions without spending days on the phone. Always remember to scrub your leads on the DNC and not to overuse this technology. Take your time to understand the compliance to ensure you are acting responsibly at all times.

3. Balance Your Time with the Rate of Success

Rate of success also matters a great deal in real estate marketing. It’s smart to reach out to as many of your leads as possible, but only a small fraction are actually ready to work with a real estate agent or broker. You want to reach out because of the gems found through this method. People who need a helping hand into the real estate market as buyers or sellers, are happy to get your call and eager to move forward with help.

Ringless Voicemail balances your use of time with your rate of success. By compressing the amount of time it takes to reach hundreds of leads into a single day, you can get those wonderful eager leads without losing days of cold calling half the local population.

4. Politely Not Limited by Time of Day

Last but not least, Ringless Voicemail frees you from the time-of-day limitations normally associated with phone call marketing. This is because the phone doesn’t ring. Used correctly, Ringless Voicemail is the single most polite way to market over the phone because you aren’t interrupting anyone’s meeting, supper, or personal time with a ringing phone. Instead, your message waits patiently until your leads are ready to check their phone and voicemails.

In fact, leaving a Ringless Voicemail during the early evening and late morning are sometimes ideal, as they don’t create a sense that leads to, “missed an important phone call” during the day. Instead, they check their phones to a friendly message in the morning or after supper.

Stratics Networks’ Ringless Voicemail is a great tool for real estate agents and brokers who have a lot of leads to cover. When you need to reach out to dozens or hundreds of people, Ringless Voicemail can help you leave friendly informative messages that are perfect every time without spending hours on the phone or interrupting anyone’s day. With the right techniques, Ringless Voicemail can become the new shining start in your real estate marketing plan. Here at Stratics Networks, we’re dedicated to providing fast, convenient, and high-quality Ringless Voicemail to real estate professionals. Contact us today to find out how to get started with Ringless Voicemail for your real estate business!


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Always remember to scrub your leads on the DNC and not to overuse this technology. Take your time to understand the compliance to ensure you are acting responsibly at all times.

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