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4 Major communications tools that are crushing the competition in 2019. By Stratics Networks

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4 Major communications tools that are crushing the competition in 2019. By Stratics Networks

Regardless of what field you’re in, there’s no doubt that reaching your customers and engaging their interest is the key to sales. Here’s a guide to the essential services that Stratics Networks provide, and how all of their power can be your power, including the power of unlimited.

Rock Your Unlimited SMS Drops

One of the key services you’ll get with Stratics is our unlimited text messages. We have the power of sending unlimited texts to anyone you want, and if you join forces with us, you will have this unlimited power as well! Use your newfound power wisely, to put in your list of leads and watch the sales come flooding in. Unlike with many other services from other companies, Stratics stands out since you can sign up for free, with no credit card required. Stratics is also unique in that you can send out texts to your heart’s content at any time during the day and for any day during the whole year. There’s no throttling, no contracts, and no extra fees. It’s just you and your customers.

Connect with Ringless Voicemail

Another service from Stratics that you can use to bring your newfound limitless powers to bear is the Unlimited Ringless Voicemail option. This will work more effectively if you want a more personal touch. You can pre-record a message about anything you want and then drop the message right into your potential customers’ voicemail box, all without even ringing their phone. Then, they will get a notification about the message, and they can listen to it at their leisure. Many sellers find that being able to communicate with customers directly with their voice, all without any accidental interruptions, often leads to higher conversion rates.

Again, Stratics stands alone with unlimited everything. You can make as many drops as you want, have as many real-time recordings as you want, with no restrictions whatsoever about what day or what time it will be when you make the drop. One of the reasons this is so effective is because you can do your own data research to determine exactly when your customers will be the most conducive to hearing your messages.

Get the Info You Need with Unlimited IVR Surveys

Luckily, you can get some of the data you need to better serve your customers by using Stratics’ unlimited IVR survey tool right over the phone. The process is nice and simple. All you have to do is record your survey, upload the numbers, set the responses that you want, and send it out. Once again, Stratics stands out because this tool is packed full of features. There are advanced scheduling features for when you want the surveys to go out. You have real-time stats for learning everything you can from each encounter.

There’s smart transfer throttling, and you can even transfer the recording to where you want it to go. Plus, there’s a live transfer option to connect anyone taking a survey right to one of your agents. And, of course, you get an unlimited number of these, as you would expect from your Stratics powers.

Wow Potential Customers with Unlimited Voice Broadcasting

Stratics gives you some unique features for your voice broadcasting campaign here, including the ability to assign pins. So, you can easily have your clients record messages and have these pins pop up right where you want them in your recording. If you want to run multiple jobs simultaneously, this is also no problem, and it can really help with efficiency. Stratics is here to give you the flexibility to run your campaigns exactly the way that you want to run them.

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