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4 Ways to Analyze the Results of Your Ringless Voice Message Campaigns

By June 21, 2019December 14th, 2020No Comments
4 Ways to Analyze the Results of Your Ringless Voice Message Campaigns

Building a comprehensive marketing campaign is all about covering your bases and then analyzing your results to refine each method. You reach out on social media, live chat, blog posts, and guest content. For many companies, phone calls are also an important part of the marketing package, including Ringless Voicemail, to send a campaign of voice messages without hours of calling.

But how do you know if your Ringless Voicemail is doing the trick? How do you identify ways to improve your Ringless Voicemail techniques? The answer is smart analytics. Stratics Networks is here today to share the top 4 ways to analyze the success of your Ringless Voicemail messaging campaigns.

1. Callbacks to Calls Sent

The first useful metric is your rate or callbacks to outreach messages sent out. If you send 100 messages and get 10 calls backs, that’s actually a pretty good ratio! That means 1/10  people you called were interested and had something to say. This ratio indicates the overall effectiveness of your campaign including your targeting methods, your message quality, and the time of day that you sent out your Ringless Voicemail messages.

The initial rate of callbacks to calls sent is your baseline; how well you’re doing in your first swing. From there, you can refine the results to slowly increase the callback ratio based on your results and feedback from your callback leads.

2. Conversions vs DNC Requests

Next, understand that there are two reasons why people usually call back after they get a Ringless Voicemail. The first is your favorite; someone who’s interested wants to hear more and is ready to get involved. These are potentially quantifiable leads that your Ringless Voicemail message attracted. The second kind is when someone calls back to ask you not to call again. Always a disappointment, but technically useful data and a courteous outreach on the part of non-leads.

If non-leads who receive messages and ask you not to call again, this simply means that you need to refine your targeting and/or your message to improve your conversion to DNC ratio. At Stratics Networks we have a strong anti-spam policy and you MUST also respect the DNC and people’s wishes when someone wants to opt-out.

3. A/B Message Testing

Getting a little more advanced is the technique of A/B testing the Ringless voice messages you leave for leads. Subtle changes in wording, tone, and the voice of the recording employee can have a surprisingly large impact on your Ringless Voicemail campaign results. Your topic may be better delivered by a deeper voice or a chirpy voice; it might sound better with formal wording or casual wording. A 15-second message might get more responses than a 30-second message. You never know until you try.

The key to A/B testing within the Stratics Networks platform is to split your messages and test them side-by-side. Record two (or more) voicemails and then send them each to the same number of people on your list. The message with the most positive callbacks wins and should become your primary message and template for future messages.

4. Time of Day to Response Rate

Finally, think about the time of day when you are sending your voice messages. Ringless Voicemail creates an interesting dynamic. On one hand, it shouldn’t ring to interrupt the day of your leads until they’re ready to check voicemails. On the other hand, some people are very stressed out about ‘missing a call’ during work hours. Consider when the best time to leave your messages will be so that they are positively received, then test your theories by comparing the results from messages sent at different times of the day.

Here at Stratics Networks, you can set up a Ringless Voicemail campaign and fine-tune it for the best possible results. By using these analysis metrics, you can soon be running an effective and optimized voice message campaign. At Stratics Networks, we have a strong anti-spam policy and you MUST also respect the DNC and people’s wishes when someone wants to opt-out.

For more insights or to begin setting up for your Ringless Voicemail marketing strategies, Create an account today or check out more on our Stratics Networks Ringless Page HERE

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