5 Reasons Why You Should Integrate SMS Campaigns with Your Online Contact Forms

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5 Reasons Why You Should Integrate SMS Campaigns with Your Online Contact Forms

SMS is a very useful form of contact to have with your customers, clients, or patients. Text messaging is the fastest and most versatile way to communicate with almost anyone today. Stratics Networks provides a simple-to-use and simple to deploy Bulk SMS tool. It can be used for anything from appointment reminders, to daily deals, to coordinating meet-ups. However, one under-tapped source of SMS potential is a customer service channel. Your clients aren’t sitting at home by the phone waiting for customer service to get back to them. They are on-the-go, trying to solve problems on their lunch break, on the commute, or while watching their kid’s soccer games.

This is exactly why you want to include SMS on your online contact forms for customer support. Whether clients are reaching out to you as leads or asking for help with a product or service, you can be there to help even if the client is texting you while standing in line at the post office during a busy day.

Stratics Networks is here today to share with you the top 5 reasons why your business should integrate SMS into your customer service channels and online contact forms.

1. The ‘Yes Please’ Factor – SMS for Eager Customers

Some customers love SMS. While wireless communication has blossomed into many different channels, there are still thousands of SMS devotees who don’t communicate in any other way. These people prefer to chat with their friends, coworkers, and customer service desks through text messages above all other forms of communication and will be delighted when they see this as an option in your online contact form. When you ask for an email address, phone number, or live-chat window, they will enter their phone and click “permission to SMS” every single time.

Others will simply be happy to provide SMS as an alternate contact channel. But you won’t get any of these sign-ups if you don’t give them an easy in-form option to get started. Stratics Networks has over a dozen tools to make this even easier, every step of the way.

2. Initiating the Double-Confirm Process

To legally send SMS message to your customers, you need an opt-in. This means getting their phone number and explicit permission to send texts. Then your first text must be replied within seconds, confirming permission to open a conversation. This process tends to get in the way of a otherwise very effective SMS marketing and services. And your online contact form is the perfect way to smoothly start the authorization process. Stratics Networks has many compliance features to assist with this important step of opt-ins and opt-outs.

When your customers are already filling out a form to explain their situation to get contacted back, adding their phone and giving SMS permission is easy to do. From there, you just need the second mobile confirmation, which you are more likely to get when the customer has a problem that needs solving.

3. Switching to SMS to Keep the Conversation Going

Another good reason to have SMS by Stratics Networks on-hand as part of your customer service suite is, to make it an option when a conversation goes longer than is convenient for the customer. Let’s say a customer has an account access problem and you’ve been live-chatting through the site. But now they have to get up and cook dinner or run errands.

Switching to Stratics SMS can allow your chat techs to continue providing service for an ongoing problem without interrupting the conversation. When you have SMS permission right-off-the-bat from the online contact form, this transition is easier than ever and incredibly convenient for some customers.

4. Providing a New Preferred Contact Option

As we mentioned, some customers are eager to communicate through SMS because they prefer it strongly to other wireless communication channels. When this is true, you have every reason to offer these clients the option to set SMS as their primary preferred form of contact. Just as you might encourage customers to indicate if they prefer email, phone, or live chat support. SMS adds another channel to your collection and makes it easy for customers who love to text, to connect with your brand the same way every time.

5. Formally Opening the SMS Conversation

Including SMS by Stratics Networks to your online contact form is also the ideal way to open a text message conversation. When customers want to reach out and voluntarily add their number and SMS permission to the form, they expect that confirmation text and for a conversation to start soon. Once confirmed, your SMS agents can open a friendly and formal conversation which may eventually lead to other SMS messages in the future.

This is far superior to customers giving permission then receiving seemingly random marketing texts later on. By opening the SMS channel with customer service first, texting your company will feel more natural and continuous later when the customer receives reminders or marketing messages.

Stratics Networks is passionate about helping companies connect with their clients through a wide variety of channels. SMS is one of the many great ways to open up communication and build a strong relationship with your clients. By integrating SMS into your online contact form, this makes it easier for customers to double-confirm permission and begin a text-based relationship with your company for marketing or service purposes.

For more great SMS tips, contact Stratics Networks today or sign up for an SMS account here and see it in action for yourself!