5 Tips To Stay Compliant With Ringless Voicemail

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5 Tips To Stay Compliant With Ringless Voicemail

Spam calls are going against the FCC rules, which means that if you’re using them, Stop Now. You can choose another way of reaching out to people – Ringless Voicemail by Stratics Networks. It’s a way to enhance your marketing strategy so that people can call you instead of you spam calling them.

Note: You must always obtain permission prior to contacting someone for the purpose of sales or marketing.

There are a few responsible best practices that you should always follow so that you don’t find yourself breaking any important rules. Please always keep in mind this is not legal advice. We have done our research however You should not act or rely on any information contained here without seeking the advice of an attorney.

Stay Within FCC Guidelines

Always obtain permission prior to contacting someone for the purpose of sales or marketing. There’s a big difference between assuming and knowing. When you decide to use ringless voicemail drops, it’s important to know that they are not the wild west of the FCC rules. We did not design RinglessVM to allow people to use these services improperly.  .

Voicemail technology isn’t regulated in the way that robocalls are this is a fact stated by the FCC and upheld over the past 20 years. However, you must still make sure that you are:

  • Following state rules
  • Allowing people to opt out
  • Scrubbing on the NDNC & FL DNC etc
  • Not harassing the people you are calling with repeated voicemails
  • Following content regulations 
  • Following marketing rules

Take the time to do the research regarding what rules and regulations are in your state. This means that you may have to separate your marketing lists down to state so that you don’t accidentally break laws ( Stratics Networks Ringless Voicemail  system does provide state separation and many compliance tools to help you along the way. Your message can differ for each voicemail that you drop, ensuring that it’s customized for each list that you create.

Compare Your List

People put themselves on National and State DNC lists for a reason – they don’t want to be bothered. If you ignore this, you can find your company being listed in a complaint to the FCC. It can also guarantee that you won’t get a person’s business. Be sure that you scrub your marketing lists against the DNC lists so that you don’t contact them. This should be done frequently, too, as people are regularly adding themselves to these lists.

Don’t Mislead

Honesty is always the best policy, no matter what you might be trying to sell. You need to make sure that you’re honest and upfront with what your message is. Be sure that you identify how you got their information or why they need to call you. If people are being called about things that don’t pertain to them, they’re more likely to report you to the FCC or to the Better Business Bureau. 


Provide Contact Information

Make it easy for people to contact you if they’re interested. You also need to provide a local or toll-free number at the beginning and end of your message that allow people to opt out of any future messages. This ensures that you give people a way to remove themselves from being contacted. Otherwise, it’s just like spam emails or calls without the ability to unsubscribe.  Allow OPT Outs: When people call you back and yes, they will call you back in large numbers. Give them an automated way to remove there number from future calls. 

Work Smarter

In the end, ringless voicemails provide you with the ability to communicate with large groups of people more effectively. If you’re using dialing systems right now, you’re probably coming across as “Spam Likely” to people, which means that they’re going to answer and immediately hang up or send you to voicemail, if you’re lucky.

You may have relevant information to pass onto your customers. Figure out the best way to express yourself in a short message. Tell people who you are, what you have for them, and how they can reach out to you. Send it right to their voicemail so that you can (finally) make contact with them. If they’re interested in what you have to offer, they’ll call you back.

To learn more about Ringless Voicemails, sign up for a free account. To learn more about Ringless Voicemail compliance and all other Stratics Networks services please visit our compliance page.