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5 Ways Politicians Can Leverage Ringless Voicemail & SMS Campaigns in 2020

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5 Ways Politicians Can Leverage Ringless Voicemail & SMS Campaigns in 2020

In politics, reaching constituents is critical during polling seasons. Many candidates embark on a number of marketing and advertising ventures, as well as neighborhood canvassing for in-person connection. But, what about using Ringless Voicemail and SMS campaigns as part of the process? Can politicians make a significant impact on reach and frequency, in the upcoming 2020 elections? The short answer is, yes. Stratics Networks can be a tremendous resource and strategic partner for any serious candidate in the running for office. As you plan for the 2020 election season, consider creating deliberate campaigns for Ringless Voicemail drops and SMS messaging. It can be huge in gaining support. Today, we’re highlighting five key benefits of leveraging these vehicles for maximum results at the polls.

A Non-Intrusive Way to Connect

One of the most popular and apparent benefits of using Ringless Voicemail is the ability to deliver a precise message, without interrupting the recipient. A carefully crafted message is dropped directly into the party’s voicemail without ringing the phone. The individual can then retrieve and listen to the recording when it’s most convenient.

Complete Messages Delivered

Consider using both Ringless Voicemail drops and SMS platforms to ensure delivery of your entire message. Political candidates and staff can make phone calls, but may routinely be hung-up on prior to conveying the message. A knock on the door isn’t always met with a captured audience. Be confident that your position on a particular issue or support of a local organization is conveyed entirely by delivering your statement to a voicemail or via text. Recipients who receive these notifications callback more than other methods, from 7% return on calls to 11%, to be more accurate.

Affordable, for Everyone

Campaign budgets for advertising need to be sizeable for election success. This also means that efficient spending for highest ROI is paramount. The costs associated with various Ringless Voicemail and SMS campaigns are affordable and drive results. Stratics Networks simplifies the process and offers a variety of cost-effective packages, many of which include unlimited bulk delivery services. There are also no fees to drop a voicemail message to the recipients on your call list either, making it a no-cost, no-waste option for them as well.

Compliance & Regulation

Each state varies on what compliance and regulations apply for mass communication efforts with telemarketing and techniques. Some require permits or designated agents of contact, for authorization in writing. There are currently no specific laws in place, in the US or Canada, that prohibit Ringless Voicemail and SMS campaigns entirely. Make the most of these vehicles for increased reach this polling season, and partner with a knowledgeable and compliant provider with Stratics Networks. For a list of some current compliance laws in your state, we have them outlined for you, here.

Active Lead Management

When implementing Ringless Voicemail and SMS drop applications, you can also leverage scrub tools, to help you target your audience. Stratics Networks offers packaged services that include unlimited mobile and landline scrubs, as well as national DNC list scrubs. Avoid sending your voicemail messages to numbers without voicemail and remain compliant by reaching those constituents, preferring not to be called. You can target your district lists for various message deliveries throughout your campaign, based on communication preferences as well. Walk the voters through understanding your platform and meet them where they are in their voting decision process. Consider dropping precise content about your values, your credentials, and reminders of area polling venues and times.

If you’re looking for a vehicle to maximize your constituent reach, your ROI with valuable campaign budgets, and efficiency in gaining local support, you have a friend in Stratics Networks. Create a free account today to learn more, or contact us to discuss your plan for the upcoming 2020 elections.


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