5 Ways to Write Your Bulk SMS Marketing Content for a More Personal Touch using Stratics Networks.

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5 Ways to Write Your Bulk SMS Marketing Content for a More Personal Touch using Stratics Networks.

SMS by Stratics Networks has a 98% opening rate, meaning it’s likely to have a better conversation rate. It’s every marketer’s dream to create high conversion messages. However, it’s only those who create ideal messages that see the light of day.

The secret behind creating effective bulk messages on the Stratics Networks platform lies in the audience reception. How your customers receive or views your message matters a lot.

As a marketer, you should aim at having a personal connection with your clients.

Here is how to write bulk SMS that indulges readers:

1. Making the Right Choice of Words

Some words will market your brand and others that will have zero impact. The choice of words is the first thing to consider when creating marketing SMS. Before drafting the text, ask yourself which messages to use and which not to.

Choose those words that attract readers. Go for power words that correspond to your content. Avoid slang or sensitive words that might put off many.

2. Be Real to Your Audience

When sending bulk SMS through Stratics Networks, you should be real and authentic to your audience. Avoid exaggeration when looking forward to bonding with your audience. Being too aggressive may trigger spam and create a disconnection between you and the target group.

Many recipients can detect exaggerations. To avoid this mistake, be real and communicate whatever you are advertising without adding too much sugar. Be genuine and straightforward, and your message will be received well by the audience.

3. Personalize Your Message

With the Stratics Networks Bulk SMS as a provider, you can personalize the message to reach your target audience. This is helpful if you want to engage the reader on a personal basis.

When sending the messages, try using personal names. This is helpful because it helps break the barrier between you and the readers. Calling their names out makes the recipient trust you, even if it’s subconsciously.

Even if the trust attained at first is subconscious, it’s a great advantage to distinguish you from competitors.

4. Make the Message Short But Straight to the Point

Long text messages are annoying, and many people don’t like them. A standard, effective SMS is better for marketing than a long, pointless text. As many people will only scan over the words, it’s advisable to keep the message precise.

Experts advise marketers to keep their texts short with around 160 characters per text. Get your point across the board as quickly as possible, and you will achieve your targets.

To drive your text more efficiently, start with a gripping opening, and they will read the rest of the text. Don’t send generalized texts that recipients don’t like. Foster some personalization even when targeting a large audience.

5. Use a Strong Call to Action

You have sent the messages, so what next? As a marketer, you are aiming at promoting something with the text. After reading the message, what are the recipients supposed to do?

You should include a strong action word for the recipient. If they like your products, services, or content, what action can they take? These words are the key to making sales.

These are some words to use as a CTA:

  • Check It out
  • Act Now
  • Today Only
  • Contact us
  • Act First

To use these words correctly, add it to the bottom of the text. The call to action should be a final instruction to the recipient. That being said there are many words you should NEVER use. These words are banned by the majority of carriers, those words are as follows:

Free quote, bank, entitled, reduced, payment, discharge lend, lending, lender, loan, loans, fund, funds, bank, approval, approved, debt, money, rate, apply, application, CBD, transfer, qualify, forgive, forgiveness, sex, sexual, firearms, guns, tobacco, cannabis, marijuana, vape, vaping.

The Bottom Line

Writing your bulk SMS marketing content? The above tips will help you connect with the readers and inject a personal mood. If you craft your content well, the conversion rate will be exceptional.

Choose the right SMS provider to pass the message appropriately. At Stratics Networks, we offer unlimited SMS to help you in your campaigns. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to our team.