How Does the FCC Feel About Ringless Voicemail Drops? FAQ

How Does the FCC Feel About Ringless Voicemail Drops?

Ringless Voicemail Drops are not a new technology. This technology has been around for over a decade in the USA. Voicemail services have also been its own category within the FCC for many years. To our knowledge, the FCC has not made any direct statements about Ringless Voicemail Drops or have not taken steps to publicly address this amazing technology. We do, however, welcome any regulatory body to look at this technology in depth. Voicemail services are listed as an enhanced information service along with other services that fall into this category that has purposely been left unregulated by the FCC. Don’t take our word for it since we’re not lawyers – do your own research ask questions and always follow all rules and regulations when sending out any type of communication over any type of technology. We hope this answers your questions “How does the FCC feel about Ringless Voicemail Drops?” For more information, contact our team today.

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