About Us

About Stratics Networks Stratics Networks is an insanely great SaaS-based firm; founded a decade ago, we are the new kids in the SaaS space. Along with shaking things up out here, we are living proof that talent makes the difference. We are guided by one simple principle—DO IT BETTER. So from our cutting-edge tools used all over the world – to – our amazing ground up SaaS platforms – to – our “never sleep” support hours, we stand behind our principle in everything we do.
Stratics Networks is a global provider of voice applications to businesses big and small seeking to gain a premium international reach at an incredibly low cost. Our extensive network of international telecom partners and strategically placed infrastructure enables us to give you the most reliable and professional service, along with world-class leading call quality, regardless of your location or any connected party in-between.

We love connecting businesses

Say goodbye to the old school, costly and limited nature of standard telephony. Say hello to Stratics Networks. We put some insane power in your hands offering uninterrupted inbound and outbound calls anywhere in the world at minimal rates. Thanks to our powerful network of industry-leading partners, your customers, service providers, and customer service representatives will be connected effortlessly regardless of any varying devices used in the process.

We’d love to work with you

Stratics Networks is always on the lookout for professional collaborations that work both ways. If you haven’t already, explore our partners and white label program, where we offer different partnership tracks. Let’s start up a business friendship based on the absolute best communication technology available!

Stratics has won a Goldie Award
At Stratics Networks, culture is everything, well, next to cupcakes. The culture is everything. We work hard and then work harder. We don’t have a Zen meditation garden in here; I think you might be looking for Google. Our team shares a drive to succeed and create the very best products in our field.
Don’t get us wrong, we do have fun, maybe too much at times but that’s what sets us apart. Stratics Networks’ culture is one of free-thinking and personal growth. We encourage our team to redesign the box and to never stop learning.
Right now MikeRyan is our champion of foosball but Ryan Mike wants his title back. James is by far the best indoor helicopter pilot there are hands down and Erik’s homemade beef jerky has been a real hit around the office lately. Our CEO and support team has have had some epic hoverboard races and there was the time we went go carting in the office complexes at midnight SHHHH.
We are a close-knit community here at Stratics Networks and we are all allowed to define the workplace. This place is whatever we want it to be as long as we are willing to work for it and stop at nothing to serve our amazing clients. We do have the best client relations team, insanely good engineers and tech staff, and a crazy, but truly talented, management team. In the area? Come by for a cappuccino from one of our many professional machines. We aren’t just software developers, we are also baristas.

Stratics Networks is far from Robin Hood but we try to do our part and giving back is the least we can do.

Feeding Kids

Stratics Networks is a top sponsor of a major Breakfast Program. Feeding close to 70,000 kids breakfast. It’s an awesome program and makes total sense, I mean if you’re hungry then good luck concentrating and if you’re like some of our team members then your downright cranky if you don’t eat. So we stepped up and bing-bang-boom we are helping with providing meeting spaces, money and anything else we can do for this awesome cause.

Computers for Haiti’s Schools

The 2010 Haiti earthquake was a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake.
Many countries responded to appeals for humanitarian aid, pledging funds and dispatching rescue and medical teams, engineers and support personnel. Communication systems, air, land, and sea transport facilities, hospitals, and electrical networks were damaged by the earthquake, which hampered rescue and aid efforts; confusion over who was in charge, air traffic congestion, and problems with prioritization of flights further complicated early relief work.
We partnered up with Air Canada to provide temporary education facilities with computers, software, and monitors to allow children to have learning refuges to escape the devastation. Air Canada was awesome enough to do the heavy lifting and deliver the computers and equipment on a busy and crowded runway in Haiti.
You have to image after the disaster there was only one way in and out to deliver much needed worldwide humanitarian aid and that was the airport which was also heavily damaged.

Stratics Networks’ Future Olympian Program

Olympic athletes have natural talent, dedication, and drive. They devote their lives to their sport in the hopes of being the best in the world. No matter how talented or driven an athlete, however, they must train hours a day to perfect their skills and maintain their phenomenal level of physical shape.


Sponsorship is a form of survival for most athletes, especially those who compete in non-paying events such as the Olympic Games. Sponsorship can cover the cost of living and training for amateur athletes in several different forms. Stratics Networks is proud to sponsor young athletes every year with the drive and determination to make it.

Matching Employee Donations

Stratics Networks has launched a new charitable matching program for it’s employees. We now match employees’ charitable contributions up to $1000.00 per employee per year. The program is currently limited to U.S and Canada, with plans to expand it over time.

Paid Employee Volunteer Days

Stratics Networks offers employees paid release days each year. Paid release days allow our employees to spend time volunteering within the community during normal work hours and still get paid for it.

Company Wide Day of Service Events

Stratics Networks partners with community organizations annually to create a company-wide day of service. These events require an immense amount of pre-event coordination, but when we pull it off, our community organizations benefit from a large group of skilled volunteers. Our companies also frequently provide funding for these events.

Maternity Leave Top-Up & Partner Time Off

We provide salary top-ups to employees who are on mat leave and provide non-mat leave employees ex (the dad or partner) 1 bonus week off to spend that time with their newest recruit.

Weekly Lunches

Every week we have a free lunch Friday. A great time to get together eat and unwind after the week.

Summer Ice Cream Breaks

We have a 30 foot Ice cream buffet pull up in front of our office for Ice cream breaks several times every summer.

Food Truck Dinners

We have various food trucks that do dinners for us all on the company throughout the year.

Stocked Snacks & Drinks

We always have cold and hot beverages stocked at all times and many awesome snacks and fresh fruit available daily.

Flexible Days Off & Vacations

Need a flex day or extra vacation time? No problem.

Take an Office Break

We have offices in several states and cities in Canada. You can go and check out our other offices anytime for a week if you want a change of scenery.

Bring Your Own Device

Mac? PC? iPhone? Android? Whatever you prefer, it’s your choice. We also allow you to use your own devices as your work equipment. This is optional but preferred by many team members.

Cell Phone Allowance

If using your phone for work? NP we will pay the bill.

Regular Bonuses

All employees have opportunities to receive bonuses every year.

Games & Entertainment

Always fun to be had with in-office foosball, nerf, video games, hoverboards, and helicopters.

Benefit Packages

Healthcare is a necessity to take care of you and your family. Here we like to make it easy by paying up to 100% of your health insurance….And yes we have vision and dental too!

Gym Membership

Sitting at a desk all day is hard on your body, so we like to pay for ways to take care of it!

Very Pet Friendly

It’s common to see a four-legged friend roaming the halls here. We love our furry companions, it’s why we also offer them a health insurance allowance too!

Bring Kids to Work

Bring your child anytime to hang out with you during the day and see what your day consists of.

No Ties Allowed

We do not allow suits or ties in our office, period. We are not a corporate place and refuse to become one.

Paid Employee Volunteer Days

Stratics Networks offers employees paid release days each year. Paid release days allow our employees to spend time volunteering within the community during normal work hours and still get paid for it.

Company Retreats

Twice a year we go on weekend retreats. Who knows the trouble we will get into but it’s always fun and a great time with friends.