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Stratics Networks’ full-featured set of APIs allow for seamless integration with your existing or new projects. Whether you are building a mobile app to allow your customers to contact clients, integrating our predictive dialer into an election volunteer website, adding our voice services to your existing product or simply supplementing your existing capacity with our enterprise-class voice service’s backend, our APIs enable you to get up and running quickly.

Use Stratics Networks’ APIs with Ringless Voicemail Drops, Outbound IVR, PrecisePoll, Voice Broadcasting, Live Transfer or our world-class Predictive Cloud Dialer.

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API Features

API Feature List – Ringless Voicemail Drops

Create RVM Campaign

Update RVM Campaign

Delete RVM Campaign

Retrieve RVM Campaign

Select All RVM Campaigns by Account

Assign Phone List

Un-assign Phone List(s)

API Feature List – Hosted Outbound IVR

Check Balance and Account Settings

Upload Audio

Upload Lists

Add/Remove Caller IDs

Activate/Pause Campaigns

Create/Edit Auto Report Destinations

Query Campaign Statistics

Query Historical Statistics

Query Billing/Accounting Statistics

Extract System Reports (FTP, E-mail, HTTP, etc.)

API Feature List – Hosted Call Center System

Upload Audio

Create/Edit Campaigns (Simple and Multi-Branching Surveys)

Edit Caller IDs

Upload and Manipulate Lists

Upload DNC Lists / Add DNC Entries

Activate/Pause Campaigns

Query Agent/Inbound/Outbound Telemetry Statistics

Extract Full System Reports (FTP, E-mail, HTTP, etc)

Add/Edit Agent Accounts

Add/Edit Call Tracking Numbers

Add/Manage TF/DID Numbers

Full Agent Call Screen Automation/Embedding

Stratics SMS API

Enable your applications and websites

The Stratics SMS API provides a simple hassle-free method of enabling your applications, websites and software with SMS. If you’re looking to add an intelligent messaging capability to your business applications then this is the API you need. If you want to send messages based on certain conditions such as real time transaction alerts, notify staff of a systems failure, or build 2way paging, then this is the connection option for you.

Stratics offers additional methods to connect to our messaging gateway, including:






ringless voicemail drops api

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