Are Ringless Voicemail Drops Illegal in Any State? FAQ

Are Ringless Voicemail Drops Illegal in Any State?

To our knowledge, no. As a matter of fact, there are almost no forms of communication technology of any sort that have been banned in any state. States do regulate their own Do Not Call lists and it’s always important to scrub against these lists if you intend to use any communication for solicitation. There are however Rules in almost every state that regulate telemarketing, which means if you are using this product for any type of solicitation, of course, there are state level and federal level laws that must be followed at all times. Just because it’s a newer technology does not mean you can ignore Common Sense. Stratics Network does not tolerate spam in any form. There is a right way and wrong way to use all communications technologies. We hope this answers your question “Are Ringless Voicemail Drops illegal in any state?” Contact a member of our team for more information on Ringless Voicemail Drops or any other product we offer.

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