Are Ringless Voicemails exempt from all the FCC rules? FAQ

Are Ringless Voicemails exempt from all the FCC rules?

Are Ringless Voicemail Drops exempt from all FCC rules is a great question. It’s also a very easy question to answer and we can not be more explicit in the answer we are about to give. No, they are not and Stratics Networks takes the approach that Ringless Voicemail Drops must be used responsibly at ALL times. Although voicemail technology is not regulated the same way as, say, a robocall there are ALWAYS rules that must be followed when using RVM. We believe all communications are subject to moral rules and obligations and the majority of transmissions are subject to outside rules and best practices. Stratics Networks has zero tolerance for spam of any kind. You must use our products with the right intention, following the correct rules and laws or do you not use our products at all. Ringless Voicemail Drops are not a technology that’s designed to skirt any rules or laws. This technology has been invented to allow you to insert a voicemail into a voicemail carrier’s server without disturbing the subscriber. Ringless Voicemail Drops are an alternative to other forms of intrusive messaging. So. are there rules associated with Ringless Voicemail Drops? Are there laws associated with Ringless Voicemail Drops? Absolutely, yes there are, use them right or do not use them at all.

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