How it Works

    Each time you place a call to a phone in the U.S. that displays a Caller ID, the terminating phone company performs a look-up in a database that holds Caller ID names and numbers.

    Every time names and numbers are retrieved from this database (a process known as “dipping”) the originating local phone company receives compensation (“dip fees”).

    By becoming a Stratics Networks’ CNAM Partner, every time we receive a dip fee for a call that originates from a phone number that has been assigned to your company, we pay you money.

    How do I get started?

    Simple! Just request the area codes you require and designate what name you would like displayed. You can sign up for our CNAM Partner Revenue Program on our website.

    How much can I earn per month?

    You can earn $500-$1000 dollars per one million successful dips. Certain area codes can pay higher than others. For example, if 10 million calls dip successfully you will earn $5,000 – $10,000 per month.

    How often do I get paid?

    We are compensated every 45 days. From there, Statics Networks reconciles the accounts and pays our partners within 3-7 days by wire transfer or check.

    What functionality do your DIDs have?

    Our DIDs have powerful back-end functionality. You can choose a DNC opt-out IVR that builds a DNC list. A DID can also be forwarded to a toll-free number or we can build a custom IVR for you.

    Do your DIDs cost money?

    We absorb the costs on DIDs, so they are FREE. However, if you order a DID and do not use it you WILL be charged.

    What high payout available area codes are available?

    Stratics Networks has the highest payout for all state area codes. We would require 3 days to provision numbers from the time of the request.

    Can I track my progress?

    YES! You can request weekly or biweekly call reports that summarize your calls and the MONEY we owe YOU.

    What’s the fine print?

    NO scams, illegal phone calls, or any type of fraudulent activity when using our DIDs.

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