With Stratics Networks enjoy consistent, dependable Short Duration and Dialer Termination for Call Centers, IVR and Voice Broadcasting Providers.

Find Out Why We’re Better!

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What Makes Us Different Than Other Carriers?

Stratics Networks’ Short Duration Termination was designed and built for the serious high-performance players in the industry.

dialer termination specialistsWe’re Specialists.

Companies requiring short duration are forced to face many common problems such as bad ASRs, low quality, high prices, and penalties. Stratics Networks ONLY carries dialer and short duration termination and we do it better than anyone.

Stratics Networks dialer terminationHere’s How.

We have tackled every common dialer termination issue you may have faced in the past. Test Stratics Networks’ Dialer Termination today and see for yourself. Only specializing in short duration calls and auto-dialer termination, Stratics Networks can easily handle the concurrent call capacity your firm needs. This is due to our platform’s tailored high-performing switch and redundancy capabilities. Handling blasts of spontaneous calls per minute is our specialty.

Dialer Termination
Dialer Termination Features
Dialer Termination Advantages
 Full US and Canada Footprint
 No Hidden Fees
 Billing on LRN or DNIS
 6/6 Billing
 Multiple Codecs Supported
 Around-the-Clock Support
 Prepay or Postpay
 Daily Reporting/CDRs
 High ASRs
 No Software
 Low PDD
 High CPS
 No Confusing Contracts
 No Grey Routes
 No Capacity Restrictions
 No Short Duration Penalties
Short Duration Termination Rate Decks

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