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One Platform, 6 Powerful Mobilization Tools

Designed for Emergency Messaging

The All-In-One Emergency Command Center has over 200 features and 6 core tools to deploy and run Scientific IVR Polling, Community Surveys, Emergency Messaging, Community Mobilization, Volunteer Coordination, Fundraising, Community Registration, Community Mobilization, Emergency Announcements and that is only naming a few. With 80,000 lines, we have the largest guaranteed capacity in North America and a record, 100% uptime for the past 4 cycles.

All-in-One Platform

Massive Capacity

The Emergency Command Center has 80,000 dedicated phone lines to allow MASSIVE jobs to finish delivering quickly. No job is ever too big with Stratics!

Wholesale Pricing

Despite the power, features, support and stability Stratics Networks has maintained the LOWEST rates for capable services in the developed world.

White Label

Make us disappear. Our platform is 100% white label ready and untraceable to PrecisePoll™ and Stratics Networks. Roll out accounts to other political firms and manage all aspects under your account.

Around the Clock Support

When you call us, day or night a real live dedicated support team member will answer and help you set up or run your jobs.

Key Features of the Command Center

One Dashboard for ALL your Campaigns

Smart Scheduling

Auto Stop / Auto Redial

Built-in Compliance Suite

Mobile, DNC & Litigator Scrubbing

Amazing Instant Reports

Over 200 Powerful Features

Lowest Wholesale Rates

Untraceable White-label

Dynamic Local & Caller ID Matching

Emergency Voice Broadcast Messages

The largest capacity and clearest Voice Broadcast Network in North America

With 80,000 dedicated phone lines, capacity is and NEVER will be an issue. Our Powerful Emegency Broadcasting Tool will save you time, money and eliminate stress on EVERY job!

Our 4 Point Guarantee, if we are not PERFECT, your job is free!

1) Guaranteed Network Delivery to ALL 50 states

2) Guaranteed Perfect Answering Machine Detection

3) Guaranteed Message Clarity

4) Guaranteed On-Demand Capacity

Key Voice Broadcast Features

Run Unlimited Jobs Simultaneously
Assign Pins to Clients for Easy Recording
Mobile Phone Scrubbing & DNC Management
7 Days a Week Live US Based Support 9AM/11PM
Advanced Scheduling Tool
Simple & Quick Campaign Builder
Upload Millions of Records in Seconds
Detailed & Advanced Reporting

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Precise Poll – Emergency Surveys & Polling

An Incredibly powerful yet simple tool to conduct public opinion polling & community surveys.

PrecisePoll was designed for Pollsters & political professionals to design and run everything from quick and simple surveys to advanced level scientific polling.

Key PrecisePoll Features

Voice Responses

Polling Reports

Randomize Answers

Advanced Skip Logic

Advanced Campaign Scheduler

Multiple Digit Key Presses

Poll Cloning & Data Rehashing

In-depth Branching Surveys

Live Support 365


PrecisePoll™ has an award winning live support team. 7 days a week until 12am. We also have dedicated campaign concierges who can help set up and test your jobs anytime.

Full FCC, TCPA & State Level Compliance


Stratics Networks’ built-in compliance suite ensures you never dial outside 9AM – 9PM local with our time zone protection. Scrub out mobile phones, use the National DNC or create and maintain your own internal DNC all in your PrecisePoll™ Platform.

White Label


Make us disappear. Our platform is 100% white label and untraceable to PrecisePoll™ and Stratics Networks. Roll out accounts to other polling firms and manage all aspects under your account.

Additional PrecisePoll Features

Voice Responses


Allows a person to respond with their voice rather than pressing a key. The poll can proceed automatically after the voice response is given.

Pick Who NOT to Call


You can exclude anyone that you have already called or who may have answered a partial poll or who even hung up. This is useful when you’re using a large list and don’t want to call people you’ve recently surveyed.

Caller ID Pools


In the case of a smaller list you may call a household a few times in a given week to achieve your sample size. In this case, load in several caller IDs and our system will cycle your numbers to ensure the respondent does not avoid a specific caller ID number. This feature will increase your response rate.

Retry Multiple Times


If you get an answering machine, busy signal, or a no answer, you can choose to automatically retry this number again later (up to 5 times).

True Randomized Questions


The Stratics Networks’ PrecisePoll™ software allows you to set randomization to polling questions to prevent answer bias.

Intelligent Call Scheduling


You can set your poll to run between certain hours and restrict calling on any day. Note: The PrecisePoll™ Software Suite has time zone protection making it impossible to call outside of 9am – 9pm.

Single Digit Key Presses


Allows you to use any digit from 0-9, * and the # key to collect responses.

Question & Answer Naming


Type in your question and each answer and the PrecisePoll™ software suite will automatically display this on your reports.

Live Patch-through


You can easily route calls to agents or phone numbers. This feature is great for a Live Agent/IVR blended poll. Example: Hello, if you would prefer taking this survey with a live agent, press 3 to be connected now. Otherwise, the first question is…

Wholesale Billing


6 second increments only from the time the phone is answered.

Free Local Caller IDs


Stratics Networks provides free TCPA compliant caller ID numbers to our clients for any area in the country. You can also choose to have this number forwarded to a voicemail, pbx or any number you choose.

A/B Testing


Run two surveys side by side to compare response rates.

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Emergency Bulk SMS-Drops

Emergency SMS Drops are designed with simplicity in mind and with the tools and features you require to start running you SMS campaign today!

Very Simple Setup

simple, simplified and simplicity

Key Bulk SMS Features

  Smart Autoresponders

  Automated Opt-in & Out

  Dynamic Name Replacement

  Full Reporting

  Smart Scheduling

  Run Multiple Campaigns at Once

  Real-Time Delivery Stats

  5000 per Second Capacity

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Emergency Patch-Through Transfers

Connect hundreds or thousands of calls live to any number within minutes.

Stratics Networks’ patch-through calling allows you automatically route automated calls to any number you or numbers you wish based on a keypress or voice response.

A powerful tool

Arm citizens, with key talking points and then connect them directly to the offices of targeted legislators, corporate decision-makers, and other officials.

80,000 Phone Lines

Capacity in all 50 States

Full White Label

365 Day Live US Support

Key Features

Auto-Transfer Throttling

Full Call Recording

Initiate Transfer by Voice or Keypress

Advanced Transfer Routing

Real-Time Transfer Reporting

Play Message Prior to Transfer

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Now Offering Emergency Telephone TownHalls

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Voicemail Listen Rate

SMS Read Rate

Voice Broadcast Answer Rate

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