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How Reliable Polls Are Being Conducted Today?

By August 13, 2019December 14th, 2020No Comments
How Reliable Polls Are Being Conducted Today?

After years of trial and error, companies in various industries have unearthed a more reliable, user-friendly method of acquiring invaluable information from respondents regarding a host of subjects, such as their thoughts on a business’s services, or current/ potential political candidates. This emerging tool is known as PrecisePoll IVR or Interactive Voice Response polling and is described as an automated, pre-recorded phone survey designed for participants to respond to questions vocally or using their keypad.

Interactive Voice Response polling has many uses, outside of businesses looking to assess the quality of their customer support services and business operations. This technology is increasing in utilization amongst entities seeking to enhance their political polling capabilities.

What is Political Polling?

Political polling is a type of public opinion polling, where a predetermined sample size gives their thoughts on various subjects embedded in the world of politics (i.e., candidates they are most likely to vote for and why), and that information is then used to assess a candidate’s standing and make predictions.

What are the Benefits of Stratics Networks IVR Polling?

  • IVR is Automated – Stratics Networks IVR systems are beneficial because the technology incorporates automation. This means, instead of delegating tedious and repetitive polling tasks to busy staff, campaign leaders can instead utilize IVR systems to make thousands of calls, so staff members can focus their energy on areas that require their immediate attention.
  • Provides Accurate Feedback – This is a benefit associated with automation. Specifically, the benefit is connected to the extraction of the human element in the processing of the data, which allows for the elimination of possible mistakes being made, such as incorrectly categorizing participant responses.
  • Around the Clock Polling – Due to the fact that IVR systems aren’t restricted by office hours, it is an effective tool that can be used to acquire data needed by political campaigns, regardless of the time and time zone of desired respondents.
  • Cost & Time-Effective – This benefit is an essential element that can lead to increased efficiency of a political campaign. IVR systems can save a tremendous amount of time and money, long-term, by reducing the amount of personnel that would need to be hired to perform polling tasks, and by extracting polling tasks from current staff, enabling them to get more essential work done throughout the day.

What are some Essential IVR PrecisePoll Features?

SaaS (software as a service) firms, like Stratics Networks, are working to enhance the capabilities of voice applications through Precise Poll, for the purpose of enabling operations of all sizes, the power to maximize respondent reach in the most cost-effective way. Stratics Networks provides services, specifically designed to achieve the desired results, such as:

  • Run Jobs Simultaneously – This feature allows individuals to set up multiple voice broadcasting jobs at once, enabling those in charge with the ability to set start/stop schedules for a particular job, and monitor progress through Stratics Networks mobile app.
  • Advanced Scheduling – With Stratics Networks advanced scheduling tool, campaign admins can set criteria to further customize the start/stop schedule of a campaign. Such criteria include an auto-stop feature that automatically stops a voice broadcasts once it reaches the total number of sends. 
  • Uploading Records – With other platforms, uploading pre-existing lists can be a difficult endeavor, but not with Stratics Networks. No matter the size nor software, uploading records, regardless of variables is a seamless process.
  • Massive Capacity. Stratics Networks PrecisePoll IVR tool can poll as many as 1 million people in as little as 20 minutes. 

These are just some of the many features that combine to make Stratics Networks voice application, PrecisePoll, a top tier platform utilized most notably by political campaigns of all sizes. To learn more about the impact Stratics Networks IVR polling software, PrecisePoll, can have your campaign, visit Stratics Networks today.