50,000 Ports

IVR Live Transfer

Use IVR to pre-screen a recipient and then transfer them live with our Stratics Networks' hot transfer option.
Advanced Scheduling

Port Capacity

Whether you need 5 ports or 5,000 ports, Stratics Networks is able to guarantee the capacity you need to get the job done.
Detailed Reporting

Poll Monitoring

Monitor your polls in real time. Watch the survey results come in live, presented on pie charts and graphs.
50,000 Ports

Data Sample Protection

Stratics Networks' outbound IVR allows you to spot sampling errors before it's too late.
50,000 Ports

IVR Poll Reports

Run a poll report and return a professional analysis of the results with the push of a button.
50,000 Ports

Multiple Surveys Simultaneously

With our Hosted IVR Platform, you can create, store and run unlimited campaigns within each account.
50,000 Ports

IVR Poll Designer

Ensures a supply of connected calls and minimizes interviewer downtime.
50,000 Ports

Multilingual IVR Polling

Conduct polls in multiple languages. Allow respondents to easily select which language they prefer and have the poll play the specified language.
50,000 Ports

Poll Scheduling

With Stratics Networks' Hosted IVR and Voice Broadcast Platform simply choose the schedule and date range, allowing automated starting and stopping of campaigns.
50,000 Ports

IVR Multi-Branching Surveys

Conduct multi-branching surveys and build complex polls that dynamically branch to other options.
50,000 Ports

IVR Touchtone Responses

Used for surveys, polling, or market research, touchtone responses enable the called party to respond to a question by pressing their phone's keypad. These responses are then posted to the database.
White Label

100% White Label Solution

With Stratics Networks' White Label, you can have an unlimited number of accounts under your own brand and your clients can do the same, all managed under your master account.