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IVR Surveys Best Practices: How to Create a Killer Survey and Score Optimal Results

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IVR Surveys Best Practices: How to Create a Killer Survey and Score Optimal Results

What are IVR Surveys by Stratics Networks?

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR surveys, are utilized in a number of ways– their purpose is dependent on how any given business chooses to use them. In essence, IVR surveys are pre-recorded, automated phone surveys.

During these surveys on the Stratics Networks IVR platform, consumers can give vocal responses or DTMF (keypad responses) to questions and prompts. Surveys which require customers to enter numerical responses via their phone’s keypad are considered IVR surveys too. Sending these simple, automatic polls to customers is a great way to quickly collect information and data without needing to do much grunt work.

Held up against more traditional survey options, the benefits of IVR surveys become clear virtually immediately. IVR surveys are:

  • Simple to execute
  • Cost-effective
  • Automated for quick results
  • Able to provide actionable feedback instantly

IVR Survey Best Practices by Stratics Networks

Interested in leveraging Stratics Networks’ IVR surveys as a means to acquire customer feedback? There are a handful of best practices that you should always keep in mind. Regardless of your industry or target audience, these guidelines will help ensure that you receive actionable results that’ll help you optimize key elements of how you do business.

1. Identify A Clear Goal

It’ll be tough to craft a useful, targeted survey if you don’t have some goals in place. Decide how you want to use the information you receive. For example, to improve your customer service process or to see whether a product needs further user testing. No matter the “why,” know why you’re getting into the IVR process before customers hear your recording.

Consider a backwards approach, if you’re having a tough time settling on goals. Think about the answers you need and begin writing questions that will prompt those responses.

2. Keep Your Survey Specific

Keep your survey specific and to the point. This is not only good manners towards the respondents but it will make your job easier when it comes to sorting through the data. Keep your survey targeted and on-topic for its entirety. Respondents will have an easier time answering questions that are relevant to one another; your analytics team will thank you for keeping their job straightforward.

3. Consider Your Rating Scale

If you’ll be giving customers the options to punch in their responses via a number pad, reconsider your approach to rating scales.

The traditional 1-10 rating system is great and easy to understand. It can also be a source of frustration if glitches occur. Customers who intend to respond with a 10 can have their responses recorded as a 1, if the system fails to capture both digits. Opt for a 5- or 7-point scale to head these issues off before they occur. Stratics Networks provides many advanced IVR Survey tools through our PrecisePoll™ platform.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended responses are more difficult to quantify and track. There’s no denying that their “yes” and “no” counterparts are easier to synthesize. However, the feedback you receive may be well worth the effort.

Allowing customers to answer freestyle questions helps you better understand their voice. The more you understand your customers’ voices, the better you can predict what their perceived needs and wants may be. Any means of a better understanding of how your audience thinks should be taken advantage of. PrecisePoll™ allows opened-ended questions as well as several other question types.

5. Keep Things Short and Sweet

The sweet spot for an IVR survey length through Stratics Networks can be anywhere from under 10 minutes to as high as 20 minutes. Some may argue that 3 to 5 minutes is optimal. Whether it’s a 2 minute or 20 minute IVR survey, this is up to you. Either way, the Stratics Networks IVR System, PrecisePoll™ can handle it!

  • State how long the survey will take at the beginning of the call to ease concerns about lengthy time commitments.
  • Keep critical questions clustered towards the beginning so that respondents who bow out of completing the survey can still offer up valuable information.
  • Ensure that your questions are meaningful and well-constructed.  This will increase the likelihood of your customers completing the survey.

For more about Stratics Networks IVR surveys, you can visit our PrecisePoll Page HERE.