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Legal Ringless Voicemails For Political Campaigns

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Legal Ringless Voicemails For Political Campaigns

How Politicians Can Win Hearts and Campaigns with Automated Messaging

If there’s one thing that savvy politicians and their campaign teams understand, it’s that voters’ decisions can be tied directly to their perceptions of a candidate. Their choices at the ballot box may not prove logical at all– in fact, voting often proves an emotionally-driven experience for the bulk of people. 

This is why it’s so important to foster emotional bonds with voters. By selecting a clear and compelling campaign message and crafting content that reaches out to voters, politicians and their campaign teams pull those individuals into their sphere. There are countless ways to engage voters and incite attention— but which are the most effective?

Automated messaging and ringless voicemail have both been made possible by the technological advances of the past few decades. Reaching voters where they’re most comfortable– in their communities and homes– is now easier than it’s ever been. You don’t need to cough up much of an investment or sizeable amounts of time in order to share your message and get voters on your side.

Automated Messaging         

Automated text messaging is the perfect way for your campaign team to keep pace with the ever-changing nature of politics and campaigns. Texts are quick and easy to send and can easily be altered to fit your campaign’s current needs. If your platform has shifted from focusing on one key issue to spotlighting another, altering your text campaign to accommodate that is as simple as switching out some vocabulary and basic concepts.

A New York Times article centered around the 2016 presidential election noted that the public’s attitude towards text messages is part of what makes them such an effective means of reaching voters. A few short years ago, many individuals were hesitant to even hand out their phone numbers. Now? Our view of text messaging has shifted.

The average person is accustomed to receiving and accepting interruptions from a myriad of sources at virtually all hours of the day. Checking notifications and peeking at the day’s weather forecast are now a routine component of most people’s daily lives– and that makes them receptive to receiving texts (not to mention highly likely to open them). 

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail efforts in the political realm can help increase a campaign team’s effectiveness without sacrificing additional time or funds to do so. If you’re willing to craft a personalized messaged that offers meaningful insight into the ideas you champion, you could be well on your way to winning at the polls.

For years, politicians have struggled to overcome a series of hurdles to utilizing this technology effectively. Basic science tells us that humans are more trustworthy when we can see or hear them for ourselves, but strict compliance regulations have kept politicians from leveraging voicemail technology to the fullest extent possible.

Now, thanks to services like those offered by Stratics Network, politicians have a means of reaching voters in a totally compliant and non-intrusive way. A recent uptick in spam phone calls from telemarketers and phishers has left many individuals hesitant to pick up their phones when unfamiliar numbers call. Rather than wasting time with calls that will get forwarded to voicemail anyway, campaign teams can craft voice messages that go directly into the public’s voicemail inboxes.

Both text messaging and ringless voicemails are excellent ways to communicate with voters on a personal level. Unlike convincing the public to attend rallies or read campaign information online, these technologies allow politicians to insert themselves into the public’s daily lives and present information on a silver platter. They provide a simple, streamlined, and noninvasive means of spreading your message and boosting your chances of success.

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