Our Hosted Outbound IVR allows you to conduct multi-branching surveys and live transfers.
Our Wholesale rates and 80,000 phone lines makes us the right partner for you.

With Stratics Networks use our Hosted Outbound IVR for live transfers or to collect responses with an unlimited level of branching questions.

Hosted Outbound IVR Features

Make Your Life Easier

Collect data and set questions that individuals can respond to by pressing buttons on their phone’s keypad. This tool is also great for pre-qualifying leads before you transfer the call using our live transfer option.

Advanced Scheduling

Have your campaigns programmed to go out at specific times and dates.

Automated DNC Opt-out

Internal DNC Manager allows numbers to be scrubbed out from calling in real time.

IVR Live Transfer

Use IVR to pre-screen a recipient and transfer them live.

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