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Developed for PhDs, Pollsters and Researchers

Nine out of ten IVR polls are skewed and sacrifice methodology in exchange for cost and speed. PrecisePoll™ is very different. Developed for PhD pollsters and researchers, this advanced IVR platform allows you to eliminate bias found in a majority of IVR polls while increasing speed and lowering costs.

Additional Features

Voice Responses


Allows a person to respond with their voice rather than pressing a key. The poll can proceed automatically after the voice response is given.

Intelligent Call Scheduling


You can set your poll to run between certain hours and restrict calling on any day. Note: The PrecisePoll™ Software Suite has time zone protection making it impossible to call outside of 9am – 9pm.

Caller ID Pools


In the case of a smaller list you may call a household a few times in a given week to achieve your sample size. In this case, load in several caller IDs and our system will cycle your numbers to ensure the respondent does not avoid a specific caller ID number. This feature will increase your response rate.

Retry Multiple Times


If you get an answering machine, busy signal, or a no answer, you can choose to automatically retry this number again later (up to 5 times).

True Randomized Questions


The Stratics Networks’ PrecisePoll™ software allows you to set randomization to polling questions to prevent answer bias.

Pick Who NOT to Call


You can exclude anyone that you have already called or who may have answered a partial poll or who even hung up. This is useful when you’re using a large list and don’t want to call people you’ve recently surveyed.

Live Patch-through


You can easily route calls to agents or phone numbers. This feature is great for a Live Agent/IVR blended poll. Example: Hello, if you would prefer taking this survey with a live agent, press 3 to be connected now. Otherwise, the first question is…

Free Local Caller IDs


Stratics Networks provides free TCPA compliant caller ID numbers to our clients for any area in the country. You can also choose to have this number forwarded to a voicemail, pbx or any number you choose.

Single Digit Key Presses


Allows you to use any digit from 0-9, * and the # key to collect responses.

Wholesale Billing


6 second increments only from the time the phone is answered.

A/B Testing


Run two surveys side by side to compare response rates.

Question & Answer Naming


Type in your question and each answer and the PrecisePoll™ software suite will automatically display this on your reports.

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Live Support 365


PrecisePoll™ has an award winning live support team. 7 days a week until 12am. We also have dedicated campaign concierges who can help set up and test your jobs anytime.

Fully Compliant


Stratics Networks built in compliance suite ensures you never dial outside 9am – 9pm local with our time zone protection. Scrub out mobile phones, use the National DNC or create and maintain your own internal DNC all in your PrecisePoll™ Platform.

White Label


Make us disappear. Our platform is 100% white label and untraceable to PrecisePoll™ and Stratics Networks. Roll out accounts to other polling firms and manage all aspects under your account.

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