Political Ringless Voicemail DropsTM

Reach voters directly on their mobile phone WITHOUT calling them.

There are over 300 million mobile lines in the US, however, until Stratics Networks invented Ringless Voicemail Drops these cell phones have been almost impossible to contact in a cost-effective way due to the very strict TCPA rules governing contacting cell phones. Use fully compliant Ringless Voicemail Drops to contact voters in a non intrusive fully compliant way.

ringless voicemail routing

Setup, Control and Monitor Campaigns in Real-Time.

Massive Dedicated Capacity.

Built-In Compliance Tools.

Advance Reporting and Real-time Stats.

Full White Label Options Available.

Apple & Android Mobile Apps.

ringless voicemail software

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Advanced IVR Polling

IVR polling software designed for real Pollsters. Conduct scientific polls with advanced features!

PrecisePoll is the industry’s answer to eliminating bias introduced by IVR Polling. This is truly the most powerful IVR polling software in the world. Easily randomize answers to questions and allow a respondent to answer questions using both voice and DTMF. PrecisePoll is loaded with features and advanced reporting.

Allows a person to respond with voice rather than pressing a key.

Play custom audio if a recipient fails to select a response.

Avoid bias and randomize the order in which questions are played.

Our system works with multiple digit data capture; ask date of birth or assign double digit responses to a question.

Set campaign to stop once your desired sample size is met.

Easy political polling setup wizard.

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Political Voice Broadcasting & Live Transfers

Stratics Networks hosts the largest Voice Broadcasting platform in North America.

With our dedicated backend, capacity is NEVER an issue. Use our SaaS platform to set up and run an unlimited number of jobs with advanced reporting and stats. All messages have our guaranteed delivery promise. Plus, each call is guaranteed to be crystal clear.

Smart Voice Broadcasting & Live Transfers.

Setup, Control and Monitor Campaigns in Real-Time.

As much capacity as you need.

Built-in Compliance Tools.

Advanced Reporting and Real-time Stats.

Full White Label Available.

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Voter Voice IVR

Use our hosted outbound IVR with our live voice collection feature to allow a voter to record a message in real-time.

Example: Allow a voter to give feedback or any information in their own words, Including their address, or any issues important to them.

Example Script: “I am running for office and I want to hear what is most important to you and your family in this election. Please record a message now. I will be personally reviewing all messages.” “ Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and my campaign team. If this issue is important you please remember to VOTE SCOTT on November 8th”

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Voter GOTV Connect

Use our hosted outbound IVR with our Patch-Through feature to connect voters to any number (example: campaign office) with a single key press to speak with a live person.

Example: Find Donors and connect them to you to make a donation. Also, allow voters to connect with the campaign office live to speak about concerns or issues.

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Volunteer Cloud Calling

Can you say computerless call center?

Mobilize voters with Stratics Volunteer Cloud Calling. No computer, headset or phone needed. Volunteers can use their own cell phone and simply dial in to a toll-free number. From there our powerful predictive dialer does the heavy lifting and connects them with one voter after another. Using the phone keys the volunteer can fill in the answers the voter gives.

automated ivr ringless voicemail software

Example: Have you voted yet? The volunteer will press 2 for voted, the data will be recorded and the next call will be triggered.

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Control Your Campaigns, Anytime, Anywhere!

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Fully Loaded Services

Hosted Voice Broadcasting

Enjoy Powerful Voice Broadcasting, Strictly for the Wholesale Market.


Hosted Outbound IVR

Conduct standard IVR Branching Surveys, Polls & Market Research, Instantly.


Hosted Call Center Software

World Class Hosted Call Center & Predictive Dialer Built for High Level Professional Call Centers.


Ringless Voicemail Drops

Finally Drop Voicemails Without Ringing Your Recipient’s Cellphone.