Ringless Voicemail Drops™

Insert Ringless Voicemails Directly into Mobile/Landline phone voicemail boxes WITHOUT Making a Call!

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Ringless Voicemail Drops™

Insert Ringless Voicemails Directly into Mobile/Landline phone voicemail boxes WITHOUT Making a Call!

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Stratics Networks Inc. is the inventor & pioneers of Ringless Drop Voicemail Technology

See what features & benefits we offer compared to the knockoffs.

Fully Unlimited Service

You are billed one small flat monthly price which allows you unlimited usage of Ringless Voicemail Technology, Text Messages and all of our products.

Unlimited Capacity!

Simply choose the top speed you wish to send your Ringless Drops and purchase that monthly plan. Plans go as high as you require with ZERO per use charges.

One Flat Price!

You with NEVER be billed per message or per delivered Drop.
You just pick the monthly unlimited plan that works best for you and start sending!

Enjoy Unlimited Ringless Messaging

Send Unlimited non-nuisance Voicemail Drops™

Free use of our U.S. Mobile / Land line Scrubbing

Free use of our U.S. National DNC List Scrub

Free Real-time Recordings of your Dropped Voice mails

Unrestricted Delivery Times

Unrestricted Delivery Days

Unrestricted Free Live U.S. Based Support

Unrestricted Free Full API Access


You also get full use of Unlimited Text Massaging, Unlimited Voice Broad casts, Unlimited Live Transfers, and Unlimited IVR Surveys at no extra charge!

Try it out for yourself Create an Account Today!

Ringless Drop Mobile Phone Delivery

Ringless Voicemail Method from Stratics Networks

Top 10 Industries Using Ringless Voicemail

Real Estate

Human Resources

Health Care

Membership Organizations

Non Profit

Financial Services


Debt Collectors

Sales Professionals

Automotive & many more!

It’s simple and FREE to make an Unlimited Ringless account and we offer a 100% risk-free trial. Remember it’s fully unlimited and we back this up with a full guarantee. GO Unlimited Now!

Unrestricted Delivery Times

Unrestricted Delivery Days

No Long Term Contracts

Upgrade Plans Anytime

Cancel Trials Anytime

No Per Use Charges

Send To Any List

No Hidden Fees

No Throttling

Six Reason Use The Only True Ringless VM Provider


Unlimited Speed & Unlimited Capacity

We offer Unlimited Speed & Unlimited Capacity. You can choose any plan that works best for you with our 4 ringless insertion method technology!


Mobile & Land line Voice Message Insertion!

Get callbacks! Send non-nuisance RinglessVMs to both home phones & mobile phones anywhere in North America to your target audience and we even record your drop to prove PERFECT insertion every time with your ringless voice mail campaign.


Hundreds of Features

You also get full use of Unlimited BULK Text Messaging, Unlimited Voice Broad cast, Unlimited Live Transfers, and Unlimited IVR Surveys at no extra charge! Help Avoid violations of the t.c.p.a statute always use ringless voice mail with advice from law firms.


Customization & Untraceable White Label

Check out our white label program & become a white label partner, allowing you to offer ringless voice mail cell phone & home phone technology, Bulk Text Messaging, Auto Broadcast, IVR Surveys & Polling and Live Transfers from your own brand!


Local Caller ID Rotation

Want to Cycle your T.C.P.A ( telephone consumer protection act) & ( fcc federal communications commission ) compliant caller IDs? As long as your caller IDs are legally registered and ring back to you, Our cycler tool can help display a local Caller ID to your recipient when using unlimited Ringless Messages a missed call can equal a call back!


Ringless Drops Auto-Stop

Set the number of voice mails you wish to drop into your opt-in consumer’s phone voicemail box in a given period and have the system automatically stop and notify you when your target has been reached. Remember our ringless messages are 100% unlimited!

Ringless Drops Integrated Features


Insert a Ringless Voicemail™ (RVM Drop)

Inventors of United States Voicemail Message Technology. Insert a Voice mail™ into a wireless number & home phone without making a call. Voice mail Message Technology doesn’t call cellphones; they are dropped on the back-end by using automatic telephone insertion. voice mail drops™ Voicemail marketing increases your response rate in a non-intrusive responsible way.


All in One Ringless Voicemail Platform - Stratics

Send out unlimited voice mail drops™ for one low monthly price. Every Unlimited account is given enough speed to easily route calls to any contact list with your custom message WITHOUT placing an actual phone call or traditional call. This works out to costing literally a fraction of a penny with ringless voice mail messages.


RVM On-Demand, API insert a SINGLE Ringless Voicemail™

With Ringless On-Demand, use our API to automatically send insert a SINGLE Ringless Drop audio message with your content to a targeted individual phone number on your contact list or crm BOTH with mobile and home phones and make follow-up calls automatically with easy CRM integration.

Learn More


CONTACT BOTH Cell Phone & Landlines Ringless VM

There are over 300 million mobile phones in the US. Our proprietary MRvD7.7™ software creates a commercial land line to server session directly to the telephone company’s voicemail server. Stratics Inc. platform is now also compatible with home phones. Don’t use robocalls Drop Voice mails without placing an actual phone call or traditional call!


Ringless Messaging icon In the cloud

Ringless VM Drops™ increases your response rate by up to 80%. Everyone has voicemail and a voicemail service 96% of people check their new voicemail messages which are the highest open rate of any communications technology. Try Ringless Voice mail Marketing Today!


All In One Platform

Voicemail Drops™, Voice Broad casting, Bulk Message Drops (text message), PrecisePoll, IVR Surveys and Live Transfers – all in one single hosted platform. No need to juggle between different platforms to complete various tasks and run all your jobs. Works in the United States & Canada!


Full Reporting for No Ring Voicemail

View real-time reports, and download over 20 custom detailed reports with the push of a button. Generate in-depth stats detailing overall campaign success & get notifications. Quickly analyze successful drops and examine any errors, call loop or noncompatible numbers that may have come up.


Ringless Voicemail White label Stratics Networks

Set your own billing rates and white label under your own brand with a click of a button on your own management dashboard. Stratics’ RinglessVMs™ system is geared towards the wholesale industry and our platform allows full customization and comes white-label ready.


Unlimited RinglessVM Capacity

Deliver thousands of flawless voice mail drops / back door voice mails / silent voicemail messages per hour. Stratics has a large capacity. Have a big job? Bring it on. We’re not scared. Avoid cold calls, fines & legal issues with this backdoor new technology.


Stay TCPA complaint with Stratics Networks Ringless

Stratics Inc. has a strict anti-spam policy against robocalls & illegal sales campaigns and wants all clients to be 100% TCPA compliant. It’s always a matter of law! We provide many free compliance tools such as National DNC list scrubbing, landline & mobile scrubbing, local timezone dialing protection and an easy to manage internal DNC list.


Record all Ringless Voicemail messages

We are the only company in the world that records every single Ringless Drop that is inserted into a voice mail to 1) prove the utmost quality of delivery, 2) to provide accountability proving the message has been delivered, and 3) to provide a record for TCPA compliance purposes as this is a Ringless VM and not a robocall or a voapp. Researching the scope of the tcpa is paramount!


Ringless Voice mail Feature Showdown

The Only Company on Earth to Offer Fully Unlimited Ringless Drops PLUS Unlimited Bulk Text Messages/SMS Message, Voice IVR Broadcasts, IVR Surveys, & Live Transfers at no extra charge. Check out just some of our FREE features.

Stratics Networks’ Platform Features



Unlimited Ringless Voice mail – All You Can Send One Flat Price



Unlimited Bulk Text Messaging – Included Free in Unlimited Package



Unlimited Voice Broadcasting– Included in Free Unlimited Package



Unlimited IVR Surveys – Included in Free Unlimited Package



Unlimited Live Transfers – Included in Free Unlimited Package



Increase ROI – Follow up to an RVM with an SMS or IVR FREE



Full LandLine & Mobile Compatible (no extra cost for landline)



Increase ROI – Follow up to a Ringless VM with a Text or IVR FREE



Full Land Line & Mobile Compatible (no extra cost for land line)



Proprietary Insertion – 4 RVM Delivery Methods



65-85% Success Rate, Stop Burning Data!



True 100% Ringless Advanced Settings



RVM Auto Stop – Automatically Stops Campaign at Desired Targets



Caller ID Cycler – Use Multiple Caller IDs Automatically



Real-time Detailed Reporting & Management



Detailed Field Mapping – Names, Addresses, etc.



Enhanced Reports – Over 20 Downloadable Reports & Job Summaries



Mobile App – iOS & Android App



List Uploading – Upload Unlimited Lists and List Sizes Instantly



No Campaign Limits – Run Multiple Campaigns at Once



Full White Label – Your Own Logos & URL and Logins



RVM Drips On-Demand – Send Targeted Single Drops






Live Support – from 9 am ET – 9 pm



Full Compliance Suite – TCPA, FCC, FDCPA & CRTC Compliance Tools



1. Free Built-In National DNC List Scrub – Attorney Approved!



2. Free Built-In Florida DNC List Scrub – Attorney Approved!



3. Free Built-In Master Litigator DNC List Scrub – Avoid Lawsuits Attorney Approved!



4. Free Land line/Mobile Separator Scrub – Attorney Approved!



5. Free Ported Mobile Number Database Scrub Attorney Approved!



6. Time Zone Auto Stop Compliance Tool – Auto Stops at 9 pm based on area code



7. Recording Compliance Tool – Successful RVMS are Recorded for You to Listen to and reference.



8. Access to Comprehensive Compliance Information



9. Scrub Land lines, Duplicates & Malformed Data



RVM Advantages!

6 Reasons Why Stratics Networks’ Ringless Voicemail Drops™ Remain A Compliant Communications Service.

1) No phone call is ever made directly to the targeted subscriber.

2) Only a landline to home phone session, aka system to voicemail server, is established to drop the message.

3) The targeted subscriber is not billed for the call.

4) The phone does not ring and the network does not carry an active call.

5) The FCC defines voicemail services as an Enhanced Information Service.

6) The FCC has intentionally not regulated Enhanced Information Services. ( Always seek professional advice)

Connect Rates Skyrocket!

Voicemail Listen Rate

Voicemail Listen Rate


Text Message Marketing Open Rate


Telemarketing/ Live Agent Call Listen Rate


Voice Broadcasting Listen Rate


Email Marketing Open Rate


What Are You Waiting For, Last Year?
Go Unlimited Today!

Ringless Voicemail Unlimited FAQ 2019

More Questions About

Unlimited Ringless Voice Messages

Find Out More About our Unlimited Ringless Drops, Ringless Voicemail Marketing & Unlimited Everything Else including; Unlimited SMS, Unlimited Voice Broadcasting, Unlimited IVR Surveys, and Unlimited Live Transfers!


How does Stratics Networks’ Unlimited Everything work with Ringless Voicemails?

It’s a very simple concept, however, to our knowledge a service like this has never been offered in the entire world. Stratics Networks is committed to no longer billing peruse and instead allows you to send an unlimited amount of ringless voice mail messages to your call lists and also use all of our other tools at no extra charge for one flat monthly price.

What Services are all included in the Unlimited Everything Plans?

OK, are you sitting down? You get 100% Unlimited RinglessVMs, Unlimited Bulk SMS Messaging, Unlimited Voice Broadcasting, Unlimited IVR Surveys and Unlimited Live transfers for one flat, fixed monthly price with ZERO per minute or per drop charges.

Is Unlimited Ringless Voicemail Drops cheaper than pay per use billing?

YES! YES! YES! We’ve run the numbers 100 times, 100 different ways, and in every situation, our fully Unlimited RinglessVM Drops Service benefits our amazing customers and saves you thousands of dollars monthly. We have several packages depending on how fast you need to send your messages out and the one thing every package has in common is that you can use the service every day, 7 days a week, and set up and run an unlimited number of campaigns while only paying one small flat monthly fee.

Is this really Unlimited Ringless Voicemail Drops + all the other services for one flat monthly cost?

Yes, this is really fully Unlimited Ringless Voicemail messaging and it is completely unrestricted. Upload as many Ringless Voicemail lists as you want and send out as many campaigns as you want, to as many different numbers as you want. The only restriction is that our clients must not be spamming and breaking any laws. In terms of unlimited messaging & Ringless Voicemail, you will never pay more than your monthly fee and you will be able to send unlimited voice drops messages all day, every day.

How many Ringless Voicemails messages can I can send in a month?

This all depends on how often you use the service and how fast you send them out. If you use the service regularly, the sky’s the limit. You can choose a package that works best for you or your llc or company depending on how fast you want to send out your messages. Depending on the package you have you could send out a huge amount or just trickling them. Check out our features and benefits compared to slybroadcast or a dyck o’neal voapps inc see why even the massive debt collectors industry prefers us! One thing is for certain, everyone has different needs when it comes to Ringless Voicemail and our Unlimited plans can suit EVERYONE!

How fast can I send out my Ringless Voicemail Drops messages?

We have packages that allow you to send your voicemail drops out as fast as you need. You can go as fast as you want from a few hundred per hour to thousands and thousands per hour. Keep in mind the faster speed packages will cost more since you are using more ringless voicemail system resources.

Is there a contract for sending Unlimited Ringless Voicemail Drops Messages or is this month to month?

All unlimited services are billed monthly through a standard subscription model. There is a 3-month minimum subscription required to be an Unlimited customer. After the 3 months, you can cancel at any time but honestly, why would you want to.
Do you bill me monthly or all at once?

Stratics Networks bills ALL Unlimited Everything subscription plans monthly.

Billing takes place every 30 days from the first day you make your first purchase.

Can I cancel my Ringless Voicemail account at any time?

YES. After your initial three month subscription, you can cancel your account anytime before your next billing window. Billing takes place every 30 days from the first day you make your first purchase. You must cancel with a minimum of 1-day notice from the billing date or you will be charged for the following month.

What happens if I cancel my account early?

In the event your Ringless Voicemail unlimited subscription is canceled before the end of the 3-month subscription, your service will remain active and continued to be billed until the end of the agreed 3 months. You can manage your subscription on your account page within the platform or by clicking here.

How long is the Unlimited Messaging & Ringless Voicemail term?

Stratics Networks’ Unlimited Everything requires a minimum 3-month term and you will be billed monthly. After the initial three month term, you can cancel at any time. See the cancellation page.

What are HDR Ports?

HDR Ports means hourly delivery ratio which refers to how hyper-fast you can send your Ringless Voicemail messages out. All packages are capable of sending messages out super fast or really super fast.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, you can. Say you have a basic plan and you want more speed, you can adjust this at any time and manage your plan from the platform.

Do you still offer pay per use?

Well, we are a business so we will not turn down your money, but we must inform any pay per use clients of our voicemail technology product that UNLIMITED IS WAY CHEAPER. Having said that, we are happy to still work out a fair pay per use rate for you.

Is this a telemarketer tool?

Well there are many uses for telemarketers who want to use our product in a TCPA & FCC compliant manner. Ringless Voicemail Unlimited & Such messages were designed to be a non-nuisance alternative to robocalls at a fraction of the cost of making a live call or a direct mail campaign. Ringless messages are best used for communication with your current client base and for follow-ups. Avoid being a plaintiff in top class actions or being before a settlement administrator or a pleadings stage due to a violation of the TCPA. Do your research check out f. supp, TCPAworld or saunders and ask does Stratics Inc. Take compliance as serious as I do? We ALWAYS have a zero spam policy in effect.


Do you offer refunds?
Yes, we do have a limited refund policy. We do offer refunds within 24 hours of purchase. After that, you are committed to the 3-month term that you agreed to. Refunds are subject to a 10% admin fee, plus any messages you used will be billed a la carte at 8 cents per message. But trust us you won’t want a refund. The service is EXACTLY as advertised and it is incredibly inexpensive.

See Refund Policy

Can I have a risk free trial account?

Yes, of course. We offer a $99.00 per month, no commitment, cancel anytime, for any reason trial account. This a la a carte trial account gives you thousands of credits per month to use with all of our services giving you a feel of our software 100% risk-free. We do not offer refunds on the trial account and you must cancel at least 2 days before the 30-day billing cycle or you will be billed for the following month.

Other Unlimited Services Included in Every Plan!

Unlimited Voice Broadcasting

Broadcast your Message in Seconds with Over 200 Advanced Features.


Unlimited IVR Surveys

Conduct IVR Branching Surveys, Polls & Market Research, Instantly.


Unlimited SMS Text Messages

Stratics Networks has fully integrated SMS.


Unlimited Live Transfers

Flood your call center with incoming calls!