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Ringless Voicemail Was Just The Beginning!

By March 22, 2019November 19th, 2019No Comments
Ringless Voicemail Was Just The Beginning!

A lot of people have asked us recently, why did you switch your entire company over to providing Unlimited Ringless Voicemails as well as the other services such as Bulk SMS, IVR Surveys, Voice Broadcasts etc.

It’s no secret that Stratics Networks is one of the largest, if not the single largest, provider of responsible outbound messaging in North America. Year-over-year we have seen tremendous growth, so the question is, why change EVERYTHING so massively? I mean this has never been done anywhere in the world before.

Well, let me answer that question. When we invented Ringless Voicemail, including the term Ringless Voicemail, we knew this technology would change how business communicate with their customers forever. We wanted to provide a better way to get information to clients and customers as an alternative to an old fashion phone call or “robo call”. The idea of emails is great but let’s face it, you have a better chance of reaching a client with a tin can and string then emailing, due to the extremely low read rate. The highest contact rate of any communication to this day is still the telephone.

We received feedback every day about how our technology has helped so many small businesses keep up with the amount of contact points they had to make continuously with customers, but we also heard one ongoing criticism: the cost was too high.

As a result, we saw many businesses fall victim to tiny, and in many cases unscrupulous carnival barkers, that sold what they also called “Ringless Voicemail” technology. However, these were a far cry from the real thing.

While these fly by night companies may have charged very little for the service, they also had no problem with out right duping and stealing from a customer who is looking to try the RVM technology that we made famous. Not realizing the difference, we still had some customers shop for the lowest bidder.

However, those same people started learning very quickly that it wasn’t the same technology AT ALL. I have heard dozens upon dozens of horror stories from people that went strolling the internet looking for the lowest possible bidder and found companies that would promise absolutely anything and everything to get their money, only to find their way back to Stratics Networks’ Ringless Voicemail.

Nonetheless, we thought long and hard and spent many nights talking about what we can do to provide the absolute best possible service at the best possible rate for our customers.

At the end of the day, we kept coming back to an idea that we had 15 years ago: provide all messaging services 100% unlimited. Unlimited everything means: Unlimited Bulk SMS, Unlimited Ringless Voicemail, Unlimited Voice Broadcasting, Unlimited Live Transfers and Unlimited IVR Surveys and IVR Polling.

Although the idea sounded wonderful, it’s quite complicated to pull this off and not lose our shirts. So, our engineering and business development teams went to work and had some exploratory conversations with some of the largest telephone carriers in the country. We leveraged not only our buying power, but we also put our money where our mouth is and put up millions of dollars and committed to millions more. By doing so, we were able to come up with a brand new billing type that carriers have never considered when it comes to wholesale telecom.

That brings us to now, we have introduced the world’s first 100% Unlimited Messaging Platform that will enable you to send out Unlimited Ringless Voicemails, Bulk SMS Messaging, Voice Broadcasting, IVR Surveys & Live Transfer with zero per minute costs – with zero per use costs – with zero per successful RVM costs – with zero per SMS costs – with zero per delivery costs.

Not only is the service completely 100% unlimited, it is also built with the flexibility you need to run your business. This means that you have the ability to run multiple messaging types at the same time. Flexibility also means that whether you are big or small business, you can scale your unlimited everything packages up to 50,000 ports/lines to be able to get your messages out as quickly as needed. (All for one very reasonable monthly subscription fee.)

I wish there were more companies out there innovating making products better for everyone, but that just hasn’t been the case in this industry. So, Stratics Networks stepped up and reinvented how people do outbound IVR Surveys and Polling, we created a brand new marketplace by inventing Ringless Voicemails and we tied in the ability to send out Bulk SMS and Voice Broadcasting at the same time while allowing people to utilize our powerful live transfer tools.

We built this into the most powerful SaaS messaging platform on earth and then build dozens and dozens of compliance features and do-not-call management tools to show clients we are serious about compliance messaging. But remember, we can tell you whatever you want to hear, our competition WILL tell you whatever you want to hear but at the end of the day, if it doesn’t work, and doesn’t work perfectly, you’re not going to spend money.

We have a 100% risk-free trial that you can cancel at any time and it cost only $99 a month. When you’re ready to go unlimited everything, we have packages starting at just a couple hundred dollars a month. If you’re not happy with the service the first time you test on day ONE, we will give you a refund. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not want your business or your money unless this service is going to work for you! That’s why we want you to be able to try unlimited everything risk free.

Sign up for Ringless Voicemail / Unlimited Everything Messaging and you can send Ringless Voicemails, Bulk SMS, Voice Broadcasts, IVR Surveys, IVR Polling and Live Transfers: All day, Everyday, Seven Days a Week, All Month Long, All Year Long for one low monthly price!

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