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Huntsville, AL, June 12, 2019 — Stratics Networks, the leading provider of cloud communications, inventors of Ringless Voicemail and pioneers of IVR Polling, announced today a scholarship of up to $10,000 for LGBTQ youth entering STEM and STEM-related areas of study.

“Stratics Networks is very pleased to announce this scholarship during Pride Month. It is a small way of demonstrating our commitment and support of diversity in the tech industry”, says Mr. Justice, CEO of Stratics Networks. “It is only by bringing in a plurality of ideas, opinions and life experiences to the industry that truly great innovation can happen. Getting a bunch of people together who think the same way is not the best method to help solve the world’s problems.”

A 2018 study by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) found that close to 30% of LGTBQ youth avoided careers in STEM and STEM-related areas because of fears of discrimination. Gender stereotyping in this area is still an unfortunate reality in many workplaces and it is a barrier to entering science and technology-based sectors at a time when we need bright young minds more than ever.

How to Qualify

The Stratics Networks’ LGTBQ Scholarship is funded to a maximum of $10,000. It will be awarded for the Fall 2019 academic year. Students currently enrolled at any U.S. or Canadian-based college or university in a STEM-related field of study are eligible to apply.

Student applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 80% in their final year of high school;
  • Acceptance and admission in a degree/diploma program at an accredited college or university, majoring in a STEM or STEM-related area of study;
  • Be an active supporter and a participant in programs or organizations that promote LGBTQ inclusion.

How and When to Apply

The deadline to apply is August 1, 2019. More information on the application process can be requested by emailing

About Stratics Networks

Stratics Networks is a U.S. & Canadian-based SaaS company, the inventor of Ringless Voicemail and the leader in telephony products: PrecisePoll™, Voice Broadcasting and Virtual TownHall software. For more information about Stratics Networks, please visit