Stratics Networks’ High-Volume SMS

By March 2, 2017 June 28th, 2019 No Comments

We are proud to introduce our newest product. Stratics Networks has integrated high-volume SMS messaging into our platform and is now available for use throughout the Stratics community. What makes our SMS different than the competitors? Price, capacity and compliance! Otherwise known as The S-PCC advantage. Stratics Networks’ SMS messaging allows you to use one of our various shared short codes or we are happy to give you a dedicated short code. This SMS messaging through Stratics Networks is designed for high-volume users. Do you have the need to send out 5000 simultaneous SMS messages every 10 seconds? Then you’re going to want to try Stratics Networks’ SMS messaging solution. Our prices are the lowest in the industry and our quality is unmatched. Please contact us today to try the Stratics Networks’ SMS message solution.

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