Stratics Networks Statement – Re: FCC Notice

Chris Collins
866-635-6918 Ext. 103

March 18, 2021

Stratics Networks has stood with the FCC and their mission to stop abusive and illegal robocalls since day one and we continue to do so. We are disgusted by illegal robocalls, and we despise any organization that intentionally helps facilitate them.

We are a compliance focused firm who only supports ethical use of our services. We require all users to be 100% compliant with all applicable laws and rules. Stratics goes to great lengths and imposes arduous compliance check points to limit incursions by any unethical users.

The FCC provided a list of bad actors to Stratics yesterday (March 17th) and requested information on these users. Stratics had already long taken swift action on ALL of these users, many months ago and in some cases well over a year ago and reported them to authorities and banned their accounts.

This is why we were shocked by the FCC’s decision to serve us with a Cease & Desist order and the same day listed us in a press release as Stratics was the one that helped identify and hunt down these potential scammers in the first place.

The FCC may have been provided inaccurate information as in all cases, we have corresponded with USTelecom, took proactive and swift action, and clearly indicated that these deplorable actors had been caught, stopped, reported and banned from the Stratics platform. USTelecom is well aware of this, and we have detailed correspondence demonstrating these facts.

We can do better, and we will do better, but we do not screw around when it comes to violations of our policies. Furthermore, we have dozens of tools in place to ensure we capture and weed out any user who may attempt to scam, defraud us and violate our terms.

We have a great deal of respect for the FCC and the robocall response team. We will continue to work with the FCC to rid our industry of these bottom feeders who scam people and give legitimate communication providers a bad name.

Stratics Networks

Please view our responsible use policy for more information on what is and what is not permitted when using Stratics.