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The Six Biggest Blunders of Using Ringless Voicemail (and How to Avoid Them) – Pt 2 of 2

By June 10, 2019November 19th, 2019No Comments
The Six Biggest Blunders of Using Ringless Voicemail (and How to Avoid Them) – Pt 2 of 2

[Continued from Part 1]

4. Ringless Voicemail-  Dropping on Unwilling Recipients

Some people are deeply against Ringless Voicemail, the idea disturbs them on a personal level and feels like an intrusion. Some just hate promotional or business phone calls in general and will become hostile to any uninvited phone contact. Some are on the Do Not Call registry and would like their privacy to be respected. If you want a successful Ringless Voicemail campaign, find multiple ways to leave unwilling recipients alone.

Solution: Opt-In and Opt-Out Options

First, always, always always check the Do Not Call registry before calling any number for promotional purposes. Next, always allow your customers to opt-in and unwilling recipients to opt-out. The ability to tap out of Ringless Voicemail (or sign up if they’re interested!) is an incredible power your leads and customers will appreciate.

5. Leaving Generic “Spammy” Messages

No one wants to open their voicemail and hear a clearly commercial voice chirping about rates and opportunities, or asking too-personal questions right from the start. Especially if they opened their phone worried about missing an important call or a personal message they had been waiting for. Hearing that spammy chirp is enough to immediately raise both ire and distrust. We as a society are all on edge about spammy messages and Ringless Voicemails should NEVER be this way. If you want to make an impact, you’ll have to carefully avoid sounding or acting like voicemail spam. Instead, keep it as cool and professional as possible.

Solution: Specific and Relaxed Messages

Start by making sure that each dropped Ringless Voicemail is uniquely targeted to the recipient. Keep the prerecorded message short and to the point regarding the reason for the call, why the call is important, and what you would like the recipient to do in response. Don’t use a standard closer statement, instead think of an interesting question to ask or a positive wish that is not a boilerplate.

Next, don’t use your “commercial” voice. Instead, keep your voice relaxed and conversational, pitching lower over time instead of high and chirpy. This will keep your messages from sounding like the pitch that every modern professional is ready to hang up on. Deliver your message with the recipient well, and promptly end the recording.

(also ensure you have all the key compliance points in place on your message) See TCPA compliance on our compliance page.

6. Filling Up Voicemail Boxes

Finally, there’s the risk of leaving too many messages. When a tactic works, marketing teams often overuse it. NEVER send Ringless Voicemails to the same list of numbers again and again. Or, worse, never sharing a phone number list so that more brands can leave unasked-for voicemails. This is the quickest way to drive anyone to close their voicemail box entirely or get a new number. Not to mention that unhappy recipients will memorize your brand and learn to distrust it through the simple matter of irritating repetition.

Solution: Limit Number of Calls per Target

To avoid filling up voicemail boxes, limit the number of messages you leave. Unless, of course, the recipient has signed up for more and is expecting them without malice. Depending on your industry, you might consider offering something simple like appointment reminders or even an approved schedule of Ringless Voicemails.

Ringless Voicemail, like any tool, it’s purpose is defined by the user. If you are careful and considerate in your Ringless Voicemail campaigns, then your recipients will respond with an outpouring of positivity and callbacks. Just be sure to craft your strategy very carefully to avoid the pitfalls, mistakes, and diplomatic blunders of brands that have used this uniquely powerful tool in the past. If you’d like more information about how Ringless Voicemail can work for your brand and strategies you can implement using this no-fuss voicemail technology, contact us today!

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