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The Six Biggest Blunders of Using Ringless Voicemail (and How to Avoid Them) – Pt 1 of 2

By June 10, 2019November 19th, 2019No Comments
The Six Biggest Blunders of Using Ringless Voicemail (and How to Avoid Them) – Pt 1 of 2

The Six Biggest Blunders of Using Ringless Voicemail (and How to Avoid Them) – Pt 1 of 2

Ringless Voicemail is one of the most innovative and controversial marketing tools in the modern business world. On one hand, it allows you to leave clean prerecorded messages in customer, target, or lead voicemail boxes without interrupting a customer’s day with a phone call.

Modern professionals are distrustful of communications and they can quickly get sick of hearing from you. This means that in using Ringless Voicemail by Stratics Networks, a powerful marketing tool, your brand will want to avoid the blunders of past examples. Here are the top six Ringless Voicemail mistakes in the industry and how you can avoid them:

1. Creating That “Missed an Important Call” Feeling

Phone calls may be tedious, but today’s professionals hate the idea of missing a call. During the workday, seeing a “missed call” without hearing a ring feels like an open betrayal. A missed opportunity. Possibly a missed important business call. Just for a moment, the heart pounds. They flip open their phone… and finds a voicemail that sounds like a solicitation. This can create distrust. You don’t want to be that voicemail.

Solution: Voicemail Drop During Off Hours

Instead, you want to be the Ringless Voicemail that didn’t wake the baby in the early morning. You want to be the Ringless Voicemail that customers are happy to see when they return to their phones from a family dinner or wake up in the morning to check their phones first thing. To do this, try to leave your voicemail drops during non-peak work-hour times. Work hours are for speaking to someone. Ringless Voicemails are best when the person was already busy and isn’t worried about missed calls. This way, when the person listens to your message, you have their full attention and you are not battling for their time.

2. Getting Called Back Before the Message Drops

If you do happen to leave your Ringless Voicemail message when a lead is paying attention to their phone, it’s possible with some carriers that the ‘missed call’ alert will appear before your message is complete. In this case, your phone techs might get a call back before the lead gets a chance to hear your prerecorded message. This can be surprising, even awkward if you’re not prepared.

Solution: Be Ready with Your Script

Anytime you are dropping Ringless Voicemail messages into voicemail boxes, be prepared to get a callback. Many people are very particular about calling back and may do so too quickly to catch the voicemail. Your phone techs needs to be ready with a live script in place to explain your reason for contacting them.  

3. Sending Too Many Voicemail Drops At Once

In some cases, businesses experiencing Ringless Voicemail success in the middle of the day (the wisdom here depends on your industry and target audience) will get a flood of callbacks immediately after the voicemails are dropped. This means that the higher the number of voicemails you drop, the more callbacks you will get.

Sounds great, right? Just be prepared to handle all those incoming calls, it is possible to be overwhelmed. It’s not unusual for brands using Ringless Voicemail for the first time to accidentally flood their call center with callbacks, positive or negative, in response to an over-sized dropped voicemail campaign. It is important to space out your messages.

Solution: Pace Yourself for Callback Rates

Pace the Ringless Voicemails you drop to make sure that immediate and delayed callbacks don’t overwhelm your phone team when they start coming in. You may want to start slow and get an idea of the rate of callbacks to voicemails you will receive. This way, you can then carefully gauge how many voicemails to drop for a steady, manageable pace of callbacks during the day. If you drop voicemails in the evening or in the morning, only drop as many as you can accept callbacks. Consider spreading out your voicemail campaign drops throughout the day.

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