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Top 3 Surveys Your Company Should Be Running Over the Phone

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Top 3 Surveys Your Company Should Be Running Over the Phone

Stratics Networks is the leading provider of IVR surveys in the US and Canada. The ability to quickly obtain crucial information from your customers make this the perfect tool for engagement. It’s always a good idea to find out what your customers have to say about your company. The survey also lets you know what the consumers want by asking them directly. Companies are spoiled by choices when it comes to the selection of tools that is available to help them with their analytics.

Among the tools available are, IVR surveys, which can efficiently run through IVR polling. IVR survey data is very much still alive. Using the help of the Stratics Networks PrecisePoll IVR tool, you can create powerful surveys and make a massive difference in your brand’s success.

Some may consider surveys to be tedious and challenging to derive data from, but Stratics makes them easy and they’re always loaded with helpful information. IVR survey data can inform a solid marketing strategy. Here are some surveys companies should be running for data collection.

1. Market Research Survey

This is ideal where the aim is to determine how and where products are purchased. They can also help in discovering consumer needs as well as establishing the level of competition. Market IVR surveys are the avenue you use to find out what the market thinks.

A market research IVR survey deployed through Stratics Networks can be applied where there is no data available yet. For example, they can be used to find out how customers feel about a product you’re about to launch. It can also be used to follow-up on how a product is performing a few months after it’s launch.

Some of the critical questions to ask in a market survey through IVR polling are:

  • How does the product meet the needs of the consumer?
  • Features of the product that are most important to the respondent like pricing, availability, quality

Market research surveys give you accurate results into what people think about your products or services.

2. Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer satisfaction deployed through Stratics Networks IVR tool is the most widely used survey. Customers might be asked to give a rating for the quality of service through IVR polling. The study may also be in the form of a short questionnaire sent via email after online shopping.

Customer satisfaction surveys can help companies measure how pleased customers are with a product or service. Collection of customer feedback has helped companies increase their sales. The survey comprises questions such as:

  • How the customer would rate the quality of service they received
  • Was their issue adequately resolved?
  • Would they recommend the company’s services/ products?

Since you can’t force customers to fill out a survey, ensure you capture the right questions the first time.

3. Brand Awareness Survey

A brand awareness IVR survey deployed through Stratics Networks works!! Your customers may be loyal to you, but they may have answered questions about your brand you were unaware of. It’s crucial that they know what your brand stands for and the meaning behind your logo. It’d also help if they associate something memorable about your brand.

Create different marketing messages that communicate your brand name, and the services or products tied to it. Six main metrics that should be part of your brand awareness survey are:

  • Brand recall that measures how well your customers remember your brand through memory
  • Brand recognition measures how well customers remember your products/services
  • Brand identity that gauges opinions towards the brand
  • Brand image that shows what they associate with your brand
  • Brand trust indicating how trustworthy your brand is
  • Brand loyalty that shows a willingness to come back for another purchase

This type of survey tells you how well your marketing investments are paying off.

Final Thoughts

Conducting surveys through IVR polling using Stratics Networks PrecisePoll IVR survey tool is crucial to determine how customers relate to your brand. The need to have well-organized reviews that clearly bring out the information you need can’t be overemphasized. They not only tell you what the customers want, but also where you need to improve.

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