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Top 8 Benefits of Automating Your Polls and Outbound Survey

By August 12, 2019December 14th, 2020No Comments
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To improve the quality of your services or products, you need to pay attention to customer feedback. Automated outbound surveys and polls have powerful interactive capabilities that let you set up cost-effective automatic survey systems that also offer convenience to customers. These solutions allow you to conduct feedback surveys via phone, set up appropriate polling systems, and automate all your market survey calls.  

So, how do you stand to benefit if you automate your outbound surveys and polls through IVR polling? Let us explore.

1. Consistent content and quality

Through Stratics Networks automated survey systems, it is easy to detect and address any consistency or quality issues that may arise when individual agents make calls. The IVR survey calls may offer your clients consistent sets of questions and response options that are easy to follow. What’s more, your interviewed customers can choose to respond by voice or through the interactive keypad. With this control, consistency, and quality, you will be able to obtain more reliable results from your survey.

2. A range of audiences to engage

The flexibility offered by Stratics Networks automated surveys and polls means you can come up with customized calls for different demographics and ages, while still enjoying the benefits of consistency and automation. You can use similar characteristics for large groups or even create content that is specific to small niche groups. Since automated systems scale easily, it is possible to conduct automated surveys to hundreds or even thousands of respondents with minimal effort.  

3. You get responses in real-time

Stratics Networks Automated survey and poll system, PrecisePoll incorporate web-based dashboards providing detailed information in real-time to help in analyzing, reporting, and taking the necessary action. For instance, if the results of your survey indicate a viable opportunity in the market or highlight any potential problems, you will be informed and in a position to take immediate action.

4. Faster follow up

By quickly following up on an inquiry, service visit, sale, or complaint, you will be on the right track to achieve customer satisfaction that subsequently earns you loyalty. Notably, this is among the best IVR survey practices. With the aid of an automated survey call, it is easier to engage customers when the initial event or call is fresh in their mind. This is important as it boosts the opportunity of receiving feedback. For instance, after a service visit or sale over the telephone, you can have an automated call asking the customer for their level of satisfaction with the outcome.

These calls demonstrate customer care while offering you valuable insight into how the customer perceives your brand or service.

5. No interviewer bias

After spending hours interviewing clients over the phone, your human interviewer may fail to deliver optimally due to fatigue. Automated polls and surveys by Stratics Networks using the PrecisePoll system help maintain constant inflection and delivery across every call, leading to a uniform survey that is free from bias by human interviewers.

6. More objective responses

IVR polls add objectivity to client feedback as they eliminate any influence on responses exhibited in both in-person and telephone surveys. Occasionally, interviewers may have an impact on the type of response issued by a respondent, but automation eliminates all these to come up with more valid answers.

7. Simple installation and operation

Stratic Network’s IVR polling software is not only cost-effective, but you will also find it easy to set up your existing call center. If you are still not sure on how to implement and complete it faster, you can check out these self-help videos for apt guidance or reach out to a specialist for expert assistance.

8. Accurate findings and numbers

Data collected by Stratics Networks  IVR polling tools are usually more accurate. Several studies have been conducted on the subject, and most lead to the conclusion that automation leaves a much smaller room for error in surveys. This may be attributed to the fact that the interviewed clients will submit their responses in real-time as opposed to entering the data manually. With accurate findings, you can make more precise and informed decisions that would lead to the improvement of your products or services.

From the above benefits, it is clear that automating your polls and surveys will benefit your organization in many ways. Therefore, do not be left behind; join other savvy entrepreneurs in this profitable move to grow a loyal customer base through excellent customer services

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