Unlimited Bulk SMS: Your Guide to Creating an Effective SMS Marketing Campaign with Stratics Networks.

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Unlimited Bulk SMS: Your Guide to Creating an Effective SMS Marketing Campaign with Stratics Networks.

SMS Marketing: Benefits for Businesses

Stratics Networks is a top provider of bulk SMS and we have put this together to share some insights. Remember you can sign up anytime on the Stratics Networks’ website for a free account. Would you believe that the average marketing email open rate is 04%? Would you believe that the standard marketing SMS open rate is 90%?

The fact of the matter is, that SMS messaging has proven itself a superior marketing tactic for sometime now. Other forms of marketing may be effective too, but businesses who overlook the opportunities that SMS marketing presents could be losing some serious potential cash.

“Stratics Networks’ Bulk SMS allows the quick and simple deployment of an SMS campaign that is results driven.”

Many consumers today view texting a more trusted and personal way to send and receive communication. While email once dominated as a primary means of communication, it’s time to face the facts, most of us hardly even glance at our personal emails. If we do, we’re usually so inundated with advertisements and spam mail that we scarcely have time to pay attention to what’s in our inbox.

Texting, on the other hand, has managed to avoid being taken over by aggressive bots and junk thus far. Combine this increased trust in delivery method with the fact that most SMS marketing campaigns are cheaper than their email counterparts, and you’ve got a reason enough to give SMS a second thought.

Implementing an Effective Stratics Networks SMS Marketing Strategy

Use short, specialized links with Stratics Networks

Branded vanity links have been shown to receive as many as 39% more clicks than their generic counterparts. This is because rather than appearing unsightly, confusing, or irrelevant, there’s a clear way to tie the link to your business and ensure customers that they’re on the right track if they’re looking for further information.

Marketing via the web or through mobile means virtually always circles back to a need for reassurance and security. Many consumers today are concerned about the safety of their information and the sites they visit; taking the time to create custom, shortened links will help them seem more appealing and secure than they would otherwise.

Stratics Networks’ Bulk SMS allows you to track and analyze all parts of your campaign for a better ROI.

Stratics Networks Wants To Remember the three “R”s

  • Reach
    • Consider the number of people who will see the message and what percentage of that audience translates to viable leads
    • Aim to boost the efficiency of campaigns with exceptionally wide reaches
    • Use SMS marketing as a way to increase the reach of your other ads around the web
  • Results
    • Track metrics to determine campaign results
    • Ideal metrics include opt-in and opt-out rates, conversion rates, and redemption rates
    • Set clear goals and objectives; this makes it easy to determine whether you’re meeting them
    • Areas which may be tweaked to impact and improve results include, word choice, word count, your call to action, and content
  • Repeatability
    • Refers to the ability to achieve the same results multiple times
    • Does not mean you send out the same content
    • Achievable through clear objectives, cohesive brand voice, well-understood target audience, and uniqueness

Utilize Call-to-Action Buttons and Links with Stratics Networks

Many of those just stepping into the world of SMS marketing are unsure of how to actually get potential customers from a text to the desired landing page. You’ll need to use call-to-action buttons and links to actually score customer engagement and help guide your audience towards where you want them to go (even if that place isn’t on the web!).

Examples of these include:

  • “Show (your greeter/your server/the cashier) this text”
    • Requires customers to physically show the text to an employee
    • Usually used to receive a discount or other promotional item
    • Promotes engagement
  • “Click here”
    • SMS messages don’t always offer enough space to communicate what you want 
    • If you think your customers will need further information, include a clickable link for them to follow, so they can snag the necessary details
  • “Text to win”
    • This can be promoted through SMS or via other channels
    • If you have text subscribers, you can send out a blast inviting them to reply (usually with something simple like “YES”) to be entered for a chance to win a prize
    • Radio, billboard, and web advertisements can also promote text-to-win opportunities to help build your audience

Stratics Networks want you to try our Bulk SMS software 100% risk-free. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free account now!


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