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We provide a FREE cutting edge suite of tools to make managing your automated messaging TCPA, FCC & FDCPA compliance easy

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Cool Features for Ringless Voicemails,
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All in One Platform

Imagine one platform for Ringless Voicemail Drops, Voice Broadcasts, Bulk SMS, IVR Surveys and Press 1 Transfers all in one single hosted platform. No need to juggle between different platforms to complete various tasks. With one flat monthly cost, you can use all services 100% unlimited with zero per usage charges. Generate hot leads, cold leads with your internal non-telemarketing lists or follow up with your contact lists. These tools provide a rich source of communication.


Live Support

We answer the phone morning to night around the clock. You will NEVER get a voicemail! We are even open on Christmas and all holidays for emergencies. Stratics Networks’ award-winning Support: Daily from 9 am ET to 9 pm ET, Saturday 10 am to 7 pm. Imagine actually REACHING a live person who knows your name with the knowledge to help you on the spot! Whether you are on a free trial or a fully unlimited account give our support line a ring with any questions under the sun.


Full-Featured API

Check out our full-featured set of APIs that allow for seamless integration with our Ringless Voicemail, VoiceBroadcasting, Bulk SMS marketing, and IVR survey dashboard. Whether you are building a mobile app to allow your customers to contact clients to use our Ringless Voicemail Marketing or Voice Broadcasting with your own call list our APIs enable you to get up and running quickly.


Multi-Branching Surveys

Conduct top-level professional polls and surveys: 1 to 1000 questions in different ways with unlimited options without the use of a live caller. We have designed new technology and dozens of features alongside with several research universities & TCPA law firm to help with compliance and to avoid legal issues when using our IVR Survey tools. Use our API to integrate directly into your CRM for trigger-based surveys.


Fully Transparent Platform

Stratics Networks plays with a full deck of cards. We allow you to dial anywhere and everywhere in the United States North America. We do not block high-cost areas like the “other guys”. We offer guaranteed delivery to your contact list. (always use a valid Caller ID) We allow high-cost areas delivery for both an SMS message & RinglessVoicemail on your marketing campaign or other communications. We do not block any areas in the United States lower 48 or Canada.


Stratics Networks Mobile App

The Stratics Networks’ app allows you to interact with the Stratics Networks’ platform. The mobile app allows you to control your Ringless Voicemail, Bulk SMS & IVR survey campaigns and allows you to see account statistics, view campaign details, and manage campaign settings. If you’re away from your PC manage urgent issues or emergency quickly. Our app costs nothing to use with a free trial so you can try it all day long for free!


White Label Ready

Set your own billing rates and white-label under your own brand with your own logo and contact information. Stratics Networks and our system are geared towards the wholesale market and our platform has full customization and comes white-label ready for SMS marketing, RinglessVM, VoiceBroadcasts, IVR Surveys & More. Call our phone number or send us a message anytime or visit our Whitelabel page for more info on our SMS marketing, Ringless to cell phones or any of our products!


Full Reporting

Download full detailed reporting and see your response rate in real-time. With the push of a button generate in-depth reports detailing overall campaign success on SMS marketing, RVM or voice broadcasting. Quickly analyze successful ringless voicemail drop messages & SMS campaigns and examine any errors that may have come up. Have your reports email or sent by text message.


Hosted Call Center

Whether you are dropping voice messages to your targeted audience or using bulk SMS to follow up with leads from your contact centers or driving website traffic. You can use ALL of Stratics Networks services all day, every day for one flat price. Stop making cold calls. Contact voicemails or cell phones with SMS text, or RVM to a contact’s voicemail for an uninterrupted approach Also use our API with all services for full seamless automation.