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Send Unlimited SMS Messages ALL DAY, EVERY DAY for one low price!

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Unlimited SMS Messaging

Unlimited Ringless Voicemail Drops™

Unlimited Voice Broadcasting

Unlimited IVR Surveys & Transfers

Unlimited Mobile / Landline Scrub

Unlimited National DNC List Scrub

Go Unlimited Now!

Unrestricted Delivery Times

Unrestricted Delivery Days

No Long Term Contracts

No Hidden Fees

No Throttling

Send To Any List

Stratics Networks has fully integrated SMS with all the tools and features you require to start contacting your customers today!!

SMS Platform

Run Promotions

Trigger an SMS from a web sign up

Send Important Reminders

Send Updates to Clients

Auto Follow Ups from Your CRM

Advertise Specials

Easy to Navigate Interface!

SMS Computer Platform

Compliance is ALWAYS #1

Built in tools to help you remain compliant, 100% of the time.

Built-In National DNC List

Mobile Number Separator

Time-Zone Dialing Protection

Type “Stop” to opt-Out

Opt-Outs update to your internal DNC

Auto Speed Adjustment

View Rules & Regulation

Very Simple Setup

simple, simplified and simplicity

SMS Mobile Phone Campaign


Upload your Phone List

Simply upload your csv lists and our system will do the rest!


Craft Your Message

Type your desired message in a simple text box field.


Set Your Speed & Start!

Decide how quickly you want your message to send and hit start!


Guaranteed Network Delivery!

We guarantee successful network delivery of all messages.

SMS Platform Features

Smart Autoresponders

Automated Opt-Out

Dynamic Name Replacement

Full Reporting

Usage Analytics

Real-Time Delivery Stats

True Detailed Billing

Smart Scheduling

Set Your Speed

Multiple Campaigns at Once

Automated Opt-In

Create & Manage SMS Templates

Shared Short Codes

Toll Free SMS

Full Rest API

SMS On-Demand

List Management

Field Mapping

Stratics SMS API

Enable your applications and websites

The Stratics SMS API provides a simple hassle-free method of enabling your applications, websites and software with SMS. If you’re looking to add an intelligent messaging capability to your business applications then this is the API you need. If you want to send messages based on certain conditions such as real time transaction alerts, notify staff of a systems failure, or build 2way paging, then this is the connection option for you.

Stratics offers additional methods to connect to our messaging gateway, including:






SMS Full-Featured API

More Questions About

Unlimited Everything


Unlimited Ringless Voicemail, Unlimited SMS, Unlimited Voice Broadcasting, Unlimited IVR Surveys and Unlimited Live Transfers!

How does Stratics Networks’ Unlimited Everything work?

It’s actually a very simple concept, however, to our knowledge a service like this has never been offered in the entire world. Stratics is committed to no longer billing peruse and instead allowing you to send an unlimited amount of messages using Stratics Networks’ Unlimited SMS messaging and all of our other tools for one flat monthly price.

Is Unlimited SMS messaging cheaper than paid for use?

YES! YES! YES! We’ve run the numbers 100 times, 100 different ways, and in every situation, our fully Unlimited Service benefits our amazing customers and saves you thousands of dollars monthly. We have several packages depending on how fast you need to send your messages out and the one thing every package has in common is you can use the service every day, 7 days a week, and set up and run an unlimited number of campaigns while only paying one small flat monthly fee.

Is this really Unlimited SMS messaging + all the other services for one flat monthly cost?

Yes, this is really fully Unlimited SMS messaging and it is completely unrestricted. Upload as many lists as you want and send out as many campaigns as you want, to as many different numbers as you want. The only restriction is that our clients must not be spamming and breaking any laws but in terms of unlimited messaging, you will never pay more than your monthly fee and you will be able to send unlimited SMS messages all day, every day.

How many SMS messages can I can send in a month?

This all depends on how often you use the service. If you use the service regularly, the sky’s the limit. You can choose a package that works best for you depending on how fast you want to send out your messages. Depending on the package you have you could easily send out hundreds, thousands or even millions in a single month.

How fast can I send out my SMS messages?

We have packages that allow you to send your messages out as fast as you need. Literally, you can go as fast as you want from a few hundred per hour to thousands and thousands per hour. Keep in mind the faster speed packages will cost more since you are using more system resources.

Is there a contract for sending Unlimited SMS Messages or is this month to month?

All unlimited services are billed monthly through a standard subscription model. There is a 3-month minimum subscription required to be an Unlimited customer. After the 3 months, you can cancel at any time but honestly, why would you want to.

Do you bill me monthly or all at once?

Stratics Networks bills ALL Unlimited Everything subscription plans monthly.
Billing takes place every 30 days from the first day you make your first purchase.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

YES. After your initial three month subscription, you can cancel your account anytime prior to next billing window. Billing takes place every 30 days from the first day you make your first purchase. You must cancel with a minimum of 5 days notice from the billing date or you will be charged for the following month.

What happens if I cancel my account early?

In the event your subscription is canceled prior to the end of the 3-month subscription, your service will remain active and continued to be billed until the end of the agreed 3 months. You can manage your subscription on your account page within the platform or by clicking here.

How long is the Unlimited term?

Stratics Networks’ Unlimited Everything requires a minimum 3-month term and you will be billed monthly. After the initial three month term, you can cancel at any time. See Cancellation page.

What are HDR Ports?

HDR Ports means hourly delivery ratio which refers to how hyper fast you can send your messages out. All packages are capable of sending messages out super fast or really super fast.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, you can. Say you have a basic plan and you want more speed, you can adjust this at any time and manage your plan from the platform.

Do you offer refunds?
Yes, we do have a risk free refund policy. We do offer a 10 day refundable trial on all unlimited plans. After that, you can cancel anytime after your 3rd month. But trust us you won’t want a refund. The service is EXACTLY as advertised and it is incredibly inexpensive.

See Refund Policy

Can I have a risk free trial account?
Yes, of course. We offer risk free 10 day, no commitment, cancel anytime, for any reason refundable trial account.

Other Unlimited Services Included in Every Plan!

Unlimited Ringless Voicemail Drops
Send your Ringless Voicemail Message in Seconds with Over 200 Advanced Features.

Unlimited IVR Surveys
Conduct IVR Branching Surveys, Polls & Market Research, Instantly.

Unlimited Voice Broadcasting
Stratics Networks has fully integrated Voice Broadcasting.

Unlimited Live Transfers
Flood your lines with incoming Live Transfers!