Stratics Networks’

Responsible Use Policy

Stratics Networks, is a responsible use company and does not tolerate spam in any form. All rules and regulations must be followed when using our products. Adherence to our responsible use policy is mandatory.

SMS Policy

SMS can only be used to contact a number who has opted in to receive that message from the sender. The only exception is transactional SMS (example package delivery reminder of appointment reminder)

Zero Tolerance Policy

Stratics Networks, is a responsible use company, and we have a zero tolerance policy for any user who attempts to circumvent laws, rules, or our policies. We do not allow any illegal calling of any type for any reason.

IVR Policy  

Can only be used to contact a person who has consented to call or for a non telemarketing call such as surveys & notification. ALL parties using IVR must never contact a mobile phone without specific permission.

Mandatory Compliance Policy 

All communications must follow TCPA, FCC, FTC, State & all other regulatory bodies and laws at all times. This includes but not limited to scrubbing on the DNC, Not calling mobile lines, clearly stating who the message is from, using a valid caller id and providing a call back number (toll-free) in the message.

Ringless Voicemail Policy

We designed this technology to be a non-intrusive permission based communication tool.  Our STRONG policy & position is RVM should be used as a permission-based communication tool. This means users should always receive permission to contact an individual on their mobile phone. RVM is not to be used for any non-permission based telemarketing at any time. Users must also clearly identify themselves, ensure there is an automated opt-out process, include a toll-free number to be called back on. For more information visit our FAQ.

Mandatory Opt-in Policy

Our products should NEVER be used for telemarketing, unless all telemarketing rules are followed. You are required to maintain active permission from each individual you wish to contact at all times when using Stratics Networks.

  • It is very easy for companies to obtain opt-in on your web page by adding opt-in language to your sign-up forms. Within a few weeks you can collect enough data to safely and legally contact individuals using our products.
  • Our software is designed for TCPA exempt communications and communications between a company and customer where permission has been established.

Violation of These Policies

We take our policies extremely serious. Accounts that are in violation of our policies will be removed, banned and could face legal consequences. We also reserve the right to take additional action.

Regulatory Cooperation Policy

Stratics Networks  has a strict regulatory cooperation policy in effect. Meaning we will do everything in our power to cooperate with all regulatory bodies including but not limited to Us Telecom, the FTC, FCC, for the purpose of eliminating illegal robocalls.

We believe in and fully support the mission set forth by us Telecom and the FCC to help rid telephone networks of junk traffic, illegal robocalls, scam calls, and illegal telemarketing.

We understand the vast majority of users of these products are good people who work hard to ensure they are compliant at all times. However, a small subsection of people known as “Bad actors” attempt to circumvent laws and take advantage of companies like Stratics Networks. If any of these “Bad Actors” are found attempting to access our network they will be immediately removed and will have additional consequences.

Let us help you keep on the right path and stay compliant.

There is a right way and wrong way to use telecommunications.  All rules and regulations must be followed when using our products. Stratics Networks is a responsible use company and DOES NOT tolerate spam in any form.

For more information please visit our compliance center.

Did you receive an illegal Robocall? Report it to the FCC here.

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