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Still Have Questions?

Relax Jack. Stratics has your back!

What does "flat rate" actually mean?

Just pay us one small monthly fee. Simple as that, Jack.

What does my plan include?

Are you sitting down? flat rate Bulk SMS, flat rate, Voice Broadcasting, flat rate, IVR Surveys & Automated Polls & flat rate Live Transfers. Wait, there’s more… Also, get unlimited use of all of our compliance tools!

Standard? What about the other plans?

The standard plan is great for small businesses and works perfectly for most customers. But if you want to SUPERCHARGE your messaging. Check out our PRO plans after you create an account.

Explain your 10-day risk-free trial

Cool, this is an easy one. You have 10 full days to use the system and all services, tools, and resources. If for ANY REASON you decided to cancel within 10 days, you get a REFUND for the rest of that month. ZERO questions asked.

What's the catch, Why so cheap?

Thanks for noticing. Did you know the average send price works out to LESS than 0025 cents? That’s half of a half of one penny!

How many messages can I send?

We have flat rate plans and Each account gets it’s dedicated phone lines

If I am not Happy can I have a refund?

YES, if you are not 100% happy within your 10 day trial period, just ask and you shall receive. No fuss, no hassle. You get a REFUND for the rest of that month with ZERO questions asked.