Full TCPA Compliance Suite

We offer the most comprehensive suite of compliance tools available on the market and they are all 100% free to use.

Stratics does NOT tolerate SPAM of any kind. Our services must only be used as permission based communication tools.

Stratics Networks products are fully legal and are compliant when used responsibly. There is a right way and wrong way to use telecommunications. We are a responsible use company and do not tolerate spam in any form. All rules and regulations must be followed when using our products.

Our cutting edge compliance tools

National DNC List Scrub

We are a responsible use company, this means we require all users to ensure they are 100% compliant at all times.

People have the right to NOT BE CALLED also depending on your campaign type, you are required by law to scrub your lists against the national DNC.

Keep in mind this is to be used as a secondary measure to your own internal compliance scrubbing.

Florida DNC List Scrub

Florida has recently passed a law that Ringless Voicemail Drops must also be scrubbed against their state’s DNC list.

This is to be used as a secondary measure to your own internal compliance scrubbing also there could be other states requiring scrubbing and you should always do your own research as well.

Master Vexatious Litigator DNC List Scrub

Did you know many TCPA lawsuits are the result of professional & fraudulent litigators? In fact, the TCPA has become a massive litigation industry. Attorneys and professional litigators make huge profits by forcing legitimate companies to pay settlements or risk legal fees and possible judgments.

This list is intended to act as a secondary measure to your own compliance scrubbing and DNC lists.

Landline / Mobile Phone List Scrub

Fines are as high as $10,000 per number if you ROBOCALL a mobile phone number. You should always ensure your lists do not contain mobile data when running an auto-dialed campaign. We make it easy to remove mobile numbers by providing this tool as a secondary measure to your own internal compliance scrubbing.

Landline Phone and Mobile Phone List Separator

Thousands of phone numbers are ported to daily across the US every hour. You NEED to know what your lists are hiding.

We provide a free tool that allows you to separate the mobile and landline numbers from your list. This tool can save you thousands when running SMS campaigns and can save you, even more, when it comes to possible TCPA related fines.

Ported Mobile Number Database Scrub

Tens of thousands of home phone numbers are ported to mobile phones daily across the US. At any moment you can accidentally contact one of these ported numbers which could result in a fine or lawsuit depending on the campaign type you’re running. For this reason Stratics provides a free tool that identifies lines ported to mobile numbers and mobile phone numbers that have been ported to home phones. This tool is free of charge and can be used as a secondary measure to your own ported number scrubbing.

Time Zone Auto Stop Compliance Tool

Did you know in most states the calling cut of time is 9 pm? Have you heard the horror stories of someone getting a call in the middle of the night from an IVR system? Stratics Time Zone auto-stop features STOPS ALL calls at 9 pm by analyzing the phone number and determining the time zone. When 9 pm hits in that time zone your campaign will stop. You are always required to stop your own campaign however this acts as a secondary fail-safe.

Audio Recording Compliance Tool

Successful RVMS are recorded for you to listen to and reference. We are the only Ringless Voicemail provider on earth that can record 100% of ALL ringless messaging for the purpose of 1. proving perfect delivery and 2. as a compliance measure to allow you to PROVE the message was inserted SERVER TO VOICEMAIL and not by ROBOCALLING a number.

We also have a feature that records live conversations when using our live transfer tool directly to your call center. (live person recording laws must be followed when using this.)

Access to Comprehensive Compliance Information

Stratics Networks has combed the either and compiled in depth compliance information on the TCPA, FCC, FDCPA and FDC.

We have designed a suite of helpful information for you on the right side of the law. Keep in mind we are NOT lawyers and cannot give legal advice however this is great information to start your compliance journey.

Note: The NDNCL & all other do not call lists tools within Stratics are intended for use as a secondary measure only. You must have & use your own current DNCL subscription.

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DISCLAIMER: We are not lawyers or legal experts. Stratics Networks does not warrant the use of any of these services or tools. Using these compliance tools or services does not prevent you from being sued and will not always ensure compliance. You are 100% responsible for ensuring your campaigns are compliant at all times. These tools could contain errors and omissions. These tools are designed to act as a secondary back up to your own compliance scrubbing and measures. You should not act on or rely on any information contained on this website without seeking the advice of your attorney.