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An Exciting New Feature is Coming!

By September 1, 2016November 19th, 2019No Comments
An Exciting New Feature is Coming!

We are excited to announce a new product that has been requested throughout the Stratics community.

RVM On-Demand! This allows a single Ringless Voicemail Drop to be delivered through our API automatically based on a custom trigger. Many people only want to send 1 single targeted Ringless Voicemail Drop On-Demand to follow-up automatically, rather than uploading a list to send RVM messages to several people at one time.

Example 1.

If someone signs up for a product on your website, RVM On-Demand can automatically follow-up with them by placing a message in their voicemail box or RVM On-Demand can follow up with clients through your CRM if no contact has been made in a week.

Example 2.

You can use RVM On-Demand to remind a past due account to make a payment based on when the invoice was sent out.

There are endless uses for this exciting new feature and we are very excited to be the first company in the world to offer it.

Release Date

Thursday, September 8th

How to get it

Contact us