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Massive Election Capacity With 120,000 Ports!

By October 19, 2016November 19th, 2019No Comments
Massive Election Capacity With 120,000 Ports!

Stratics Networks has 120,000 ports. YES, that’s correct, 120,000!!

Stratics Networks had a simple idea many years ago, to get 50,000 lines of capacity running for our clients and keep it running. For those of you who don’t know, when we say lines, we mean a phone port capable of carrying 1 single call at a time. 50,000 ports would mean making 50,000 calls at a time.

When we hit this goal back in 2013. We started to move to our new goal of 80,000 ports. When we finally hit the 80,000 port mark in 2015, we realized we blew passed the record of the largest IVR network in North America (an estimated 3x larger than Twilio).

How did we do it?

Stratics has been continuously adding new products to our network to share these ports and it doesn’t hurt that our clients are loyal as hell to our products. We invented Ringless Voicemail Drops and PrecisePoll IVR. We also do a lot of Voice Broadcasting, political Voice Broadcasting and an enormous amount of IVR surveys and polling traffic.

Stratics also has very robust enterprise level Hosted Call Center Software with literately thousands of seats deployed around the world. The general secret on how we maintain the largest IVR network in North America is… any traffic we don’t use ourselves, we wholesale to other call centers and other IVR providers and phone companies.

It’s funny, even if you don’t use Stratics Networks, the odds are, you are using us indirectly if you are using some type of outbound messaging platform.

That brings us to our newest record: 120,000 ports!!

We just brought on 40,000 extra ports to support all of our clients during the presidential election. When other companies out there are forced to turn away firms due to lack of capacity, Stratics is here in a big way to bring them home.

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