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PrecisePoll™ IVR

By June 30, 2016November 19th, 2019No Comments

Nine out of ten IVR polls are skewed and sacrifice methodology in exchange for cost and speed. PrecisePoll™ is very different. Developed for PhD pollsters and researchers, this advanced IVR platform allows you to eliminate bias found in a majority of IVR polls while increasing speed and lowering costs. PrecisePoll; an IVR polling platform designed for pollsters.

This platform is designed to conduct IVR polling and reduce bias while eliminating human error that is commonly introduced with IVR surveys. Our platform can poll up to 1 million people in 20 minutes and has a simple to use hosted interface. University’s research department, along with many large pollsters, use our platform to conduct IVR public opinion polling.

A few unique features when polling with our system are:

– Randomized Answers: Avoid bias and randomize the order that the answer options are played.
– Voice Responses (“Open Ended Questions”): Allows a person to also respond with voice rather than pressing a key.
– Multi-Digit DTMF: Our system works with multiple digit data capture; ask date of birth or assign double digit responses to a question.
– Unlimited Questions and Question Types: Conduct in-depth polling with as many questions and question types as you wish.
– Advanced Skip Logic: Skip specific questions depending on the respondent’s answer.